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The Linkables

First off, election news:

Dundee was once known as a Labour heartland, but after becoming Yes-City it looks as though Labour's days are over (even the Guardian picked up on it).

And a look at why Labour were wrong to assume people would always vote for them.

The New Statesman has launched May2015 - it has a tiny amount of content so far but it's so far good content.

How support for different energy sources differs between age groups

This General Election will be the first one where all Glasgow constituencies will see a Scottish Green option on the ballot.

From a utilities magazine at work, why a close-to-call election makes utility prices go up

Not technically election stuff, but Business for Scotland argue why a living wage makes business sense.

And other stuff:

Some life advice on not putting up with shit because you think it makes you a better person.

If GamerGate has been confusing you - not hard to believe - then Reddit now has a timeline.

"If you're calling someone out as a fake fan, what's your victory condition? Preventing someone else from liking things you like? When your plan is "prevent people from enjoying Superman," you're a Hostess snack cake villain, and even more irrelevant to the modern world." - From The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About Calling Out Fake Geek Girls.

I'm big on owning your sexual choices, even if you've never had sex and you're in your twenties.

When I re-watched/fully watched Buffy last year there was something that bothered me about Willow and Tara's relationship: surely Willow was actually bisexual?

If you diet, do it for health and not for looks as an appearance-driven diet can be dangerous.

50 shades of grey comes out on Valentine's Day, here's some more realistic movie posters for a film that dresses up abuse up as romance.

9 tips for wearing - and getting the most out of - perfume.

Culturally appropriate female basketball uniforms.

"The main draw of a low-carb diet generally isn’t health anyway, it’s weight loss. These are not one and the same; no matter what the gurus may say. A healthy weight very much depends on the individual and health is not just physical. There is no shame in deriving pleasure from food." - From 5 things low-carb gurus don't want you to know.

Also, if you are looking to loose weight the healthy way here's a directory of nutrition blogs where only registered dieticians are included.

A Girl Called Jack is now doing vegan recipes.

America might be clean eating it's way into a new eating disorder.

As a former waitress I agree with 15 restaurant etiquettes your server wishes you knew.

As much as I wish I didn't related to this I do: do you get weird when one of your friends is complimented all the time?

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