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Arran Arromatics Seaweed & Oatmeal Bath Soap

arran apothecary bath brick

I've mentioned before that I own a (bizzarly) large shower gel collection. Occasionally I add a soap to the mix but for the most part I prefer a gel to a bar of something (quicker, less likely to drop it). So when I received the Arran Aromatics Seaweed and Oatmeal bath brick in my Santa stocking it was definitely something different to try. (The link isn't this exact product but something similar). 

Because I prefer shower gels for my 7am morning showers - and the name of the product suggests I should - I tried this out in a bath. And it was lovely. It has a very generic 'soapy' smell which is very fresh and clean. If you prefer 'clean' smells like me that this would be up your street. It foamed up beautifully and was very soft on my skin. It was also gently exfoliating - the bar itself is smooth when initially unwrapped but after some water bumps of oatmeal appear on the surface. Also when the company branded this as a bath brick they were onto something - my picture really doesn't show how big a bar this is (it's 300g). 

This is going to be a short review as there is only so much I can say about a bar of soap, but I'll round-up saying I liked it - a lot. All Arran products are suitable for vegetarians with only honey or beeswax to look out for on the labels - but annoyingly I can't find ingredient lists online. I have owned a few Arran Aromatics candles over the years but this was my first beauty product I'm definitely impressed and would consider buying more from the range. 

Have you ever tried any Arran Aromatics products, soap or otherwise? 
  Morag x
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