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A only slightly cheesy Valentine's gift guide

It's that time of year again when instead of having a man to buy a Valentine's Day gift for, I write up a guide on the internet of what I would buy instead. So spoken for ladies (or people who just fancy buying themselves something nice) here's the kind of gift my ideal man would like to receive...

I recommend this time after time, but this is my favourite cruelty-free male brand. I have bought this regularly over the years for males in my life (romantic or otherwise) and always get good feedback. The brand comes up quite often in the #cfbloggers chat too. 

2. The Spicery (or something similar) 
I actually bought this for a male friend at Christmas who loves spicy foods and he seemed to really enjoy his monthly box. I actually wanted to keep it for myself when it arrived...

True story: I once bought penis shaped pasta for an ex. He was a bit confused but his friends laughed and made spaghetti bolognese with it. Have a look at this obviously NSFW link

4. Ingress pants (or other geeky and fun pants)
I love underwear and a man with a proper underwear collection gets an up-vote from me. Plus points his collection includes funky pants (cause they make me laugh and that's always good). If your guy doesn't play Ingress or you don't have time to order from Etsy then Primark is always a good shout for geeky pants. 

I don't like giving or receiving cards (waste of paper) but they are the done thing so if you're going to then buy something like this I love you to be pieces card, this super cheesy card or this one if you're with a ginger

What are you planning to buy your sweet this 14th of February? 

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