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9 February 2015

Scottish Fine Soaps Company Sea Kelp Shampoo

scottish fine soaps sea kelp shampoo

Today I've got a product I've been meaning to review for ages (hence the backdrop which is different from usual...old photo) but is actually one of my favourites shampoos of all time. The Scottish Fine Soaps Sea Kelp Shampoo. 

I had mentioned before that I tried the Au Lait shampoo and fell in love. However when I transitioned into veganism I didn't want to use a shampoo which was based on milk to moved on to the Sea Kelp shampoo. I wouldn't say it's as good as the Au Lait version but it's certainly still one of my favourite shampoos out there!

This is a very refreshing and gentle shampoo which hits the right balance between being moisturising but still cleansing. It's the shampoo I pick up up when hair is having a fairly 'normal' day and isn't in need of any particular treatment. Good standard shampoo.

Have you tried the Sea Kelp shampoo or anything else from the Scottish Fine Soaps Company?

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