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26 December 2014

The Linkables

My pal Charlotte included me in her 2014 blog round-up - you should go check out the other blogs (and in fill in her reader survey).

During Higher English, I wrote a 'persuasive essay' arguing for homosexuality to be included in PSE and sex education. Almost a decade on, it doesn't look like we've moved on at all.

A history on NUS and free education isn't as lovely as I thought it was (look out for mention of new Labour leader Jim Murphy).

For burger lovers near Glasgow, James vs Burger is the blog for you (and he also takes on veggie burgers too).

If you're into the outdoors and looking for blogs on the topic check out the blogs shortlisted for Tresspass Blog Awards.

Scented jewellery is a thing.

7 deadly sins every marketer needs to stop committing.

12 words even smart people get wrong

Some things just don't work out: 10 excellent reasons to break up with your significant other.

Christmas is now over but there's always a reason to make your own acrylic gift tags.

Again, a bit late but how to decorate without looking like the huge nerd you really are.

I would like to add this modern farm-house in New York state to my (non-existent) real estate portfolio.

Still in the Christmas theme but feeding my USA obsession: stories of Christmas trees from Oregon.

I'm on a graduate income and still find it impossible to 'save money' unless I was to become a hermit, and here's an article on the reality of saving money if you earn very little to begin with.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie support their kid wearing suits.

The 14 most important YouTubers of 2014.

Top 10 vegan restaurants of 2014 (UK-wide but with one cheeky international mention!).

Tumblr has been making posters for the scenario where Voldemort won.

Why a Playboy Bunny backs the No More Page 3 campaign. (It's not about the content, it's about context which is what NMP3 is trying to get across).

And the best Buzzfeed article this year: why 2014 was the year of the vagina.

Morag x

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  1. Always great interesting links to read :) got them all open and about to go through them all! xo
    amber love


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