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The Aromatree Company Repair foot cream

aromatree repair foot cream

Once upon a long time ago, footcare was an area of beauty I spent a possibly abnormal amount of time focusing on. When I was about 14 I read an interview in what was probably Sneak Magazine with the Blazin' Squad (yep) and one of them stated that he was attracted to girls with nice feet because it meant 'she took care of the rest of her'. Whilst this advice now contradicts my feminist beliefs and I wouldn't want the next generation of girls taking said advice on, it stuck with me. In my late teens/early twenties I had a more practical reason to take care of my feet as I have gave them a good hammering through dance and cheer practice but then still required them to look presentable for various stage outfits which involved showing my bare feet.

But then it faltered and my feet now look a bit of a state (and I now spend most of my time in smart but heeled work shoes) but now I'm getting back into swimming which involved being near enough naked in public. So when The Aromatree Company got in contact asking if I fancied selecting a pot of their foot cream to try, I immediately selected the Repair Foot Cream* to get my feet smooth once again.

And I love this product. I can be very picky about my foot creams and they need to be thick in order to moisturise the thick skin on the soles of human feet. So far since being cruelty-free the only creams I've rated highly for the feet have been The Body Shop body butters and The Daily Smooth by Soap and Glory, however both their CF statuses have come in question (not enough to remove them from my list but enough to act with caution). This foot cream is thick but still light and airy (it has a mouse-like texture) and also has a refreshing feel on my feet. I also think it smells like almonds, even though it's actually patchoul, benzion, geranium and myrrh (but I like almonds). And it's non-greasy, which is what you want in a product you in use in your pre-work morning beauty routine.

Aromatree is a small independent company from Surrey and won an award in the Natural Health Beauty Award 2013 in the foot cream category. Their ingredients are listed on both the packaging and website. They also vocally state they do not test on animals and also answered the extra questions I sent them by e-mail. Aromatree has also been featured on natural beauty blog Sugarpuffish on several occasions, (as mentioned earlier, they do now include their ingredients on their website).

Have you ever tried anything from this small brand? What's your favourite foot cream? 

Morag x
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