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A big-ass gift-guide with all the ideas

Some Gillian Kyle at last year's Country Living Fair

We all have that person who is a pain to buy a Christmas present for. If you have one I feel your anguish, as I have two of them. Despite all the gift guides every year in blogland my method every year is to shop and shop and shop online and offline until something just stands out to me. However if you still haven't found that perfect gift for that picky person then here's my big-ass gift-guide full of all the ideas. It includes stuff I've received in the past, stuff I'd like to receive, stuff I've actually bought people in the past and some stuff I have no idea who would actually want to receive it.

Nine days to go guys...

A gift voucher from ticket master (or tickets to a particular event)

Look through their Etsy wishlist and select something (or gift them an Etsy gift-card)

Look through their Amazon wishlist and pick something

A monthly subscription box. There's a literally a subscription box for everything these days. Here's the Not on the High Street search results, here's a round up by Sofia and this site is full of reviews.

A bottle of a lesser known alcohol brand (look through TheDrinkShop).  42 Below, DQ, Ketel One and Reyka are all lesser-known vodkas my vodka loving friend recommends. Vintage Roots is also a great website to browse by fair trade, vegan and other criteria.

A bottle of hot sauce....there's truck loads of independent brands such as Glasgow Chilli Guy, this giftset on Etsy I very almost bought someone (but it would need to be shipped from California) and all the brands mentioned on this guy's YouTube channel.

A gardening/wellbeing/wine/book journal (there's loads in Paperchase).

Offer to pay for an online course. I'm just about to finish ExcelWithBusiness, and I recommend it.

A tea towel by an independent artist (not out of Tesco). I bought my Gran a Gillian Kyle tea towel last year and she loved it so much she hung it up like a photo instead of drying dishes with it.

A spa day voucher, such as Stobo Castle or Blysthwood Hotel in Glasgow.

A Durex Sexlection box (it's technically a competition).

Or, a gift set from Ann I seriously need to say this is NSFW?

Donating to charity on their behalf - check out Good Gifts and the charity gift guide from the Guardian.

If you have a feminist mother with a bad-ass feminist daughter to buy for then this colouring book is definitely worth being shipped from the USA.

Have a browse through Made from Scotland (It's a great place to find granny-friendly gifts)

A paid LinkedIn account

For a gardener...the gift section of the Dobies website is perf.

Something for their upcoming trip (rucksack, mini-toilettries or a she-wee)

If you have a friend who likes to live life to the full then gift the gift of experience.

A really fucking funky pillow.

My geek friend has recommended the website ThinkGeek for anything and everything gifts for your very own geek friend.

If you've got a friend who loves a board game then BoardGameGeek has community based reviews of all the board games.

Lego version of their favourite film.

Wool or yarn for a crafty friend (I bet they always need more)

If you have a friend who's really into cosplay or performing arts then this might be handy. (Being vain isn't the only reason I own a truck of make-up...I'm an ex dancer/cheerleader and we can never have enough of the stuff). 

A candle that isn't Yankee such as Beefayre or IW Natural Candle Co.

For the tea lover....infusion teapot, a cute teacup or some teas by a lesser known brand such as Bluebird Tea.

A super cute mug (Urban Outfitters do great ones, or have a browse on Etsy)

A food could create your own but here are some pre-made ones by Galloway Lodge or check out or the hamper category on Made from Scotland.

Some of us foodies are still on graduate incomes and would appreciate kitchen equipment of any kind. My friend let me pick my own birthday present and I went for a spatula and tea strainer (he thought I'd choose a necklace....).

If your friend isn't on a graduate income then this, this or this might make a nice addition to a kitchen which already has the basics.

A cookbook. A foodie can never have too many!

An autobiography from their favourite celebrity (or a Waterstones voucher).

Have I helped you find a gift for the final few people on your list? Or are you still pulling your hair out at buying a gift for your cousin's wife? 

Morag x
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