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The Linkables

How to use Instagram for retail, restaurant and even B2B marketing.

The cutest illustrations in Etsy land can be found in this shop.

Whilst browsing on Etsy I discovered that successful designer Gillian Kyle still has an active Etsy shop (her stuff is also sold in Paperchase!) and my favourite craft business blog Create & Thrive explains why running an Etsy store alongside your main website makes business sense (even if you're earning full-time from it).

An independent Scottish jewellery designer I've fallen in love with this week is Orkney based Alison Moore. And her website and banding is making my marketing heart flutter.

On the topic of gushing over branding, I related to almost all of these, ha! 37 telltale signs you're a true marketer.

An urban gardening subscription box (with beautiful branding, yes I'm talking branding again).

I used to be a perfectionist, and it's not all that fun. I've re-trained my brain over the years (though it still simmers) and here's a great post if think you're setting far too high standards for yourself.

Dundee beats Oxbridge to be named best university for life science research.

Also in Dundee: how some of its streets got their names (I used to live on the corner of Seagate, Arklay Street and Hilltown...but my address was technically the intersecting street).

I recently installed Glimmer onto my phone to gently wake me up on the early winter mornings, and I'm liking it so far. Here are some more Android alarm apps that do more than just loudly ring if you have problems rolling out of bed.

We all read Bustle, right? Here's an article I really liked this week about vaginal orgasms.

We all read Everyday Feminism too? Here's a great piece on 'Feminist Men' who, well, really aren't and what it takes to be a real feminist ally.

Cynthia Nixon on being bisexual but being in a gay relationship.

I actually loved 2000's fashion and want it to make a come back....but I still laughed.

Sarah has a post up on the new food labelling guidelines which have come into law this week.

On that note, the Guardian ran an article on why restaurants should embrace free-from diners.

Oft. How to have the race talk with a child.

If you've still got someone to buy about Christy's gift guide for fitness lovers?

And from Wardribe Conversations...a gift guide for men full of small independent brands.

I shared a similar gift guide by my pal Charlotte a few Linkables ago, but here's another gift guide for cat ladies.

And for American about Gala Darling's gift guide? It includes ideas for what to get a witchy friend...

Christmas nail art ideas.

Amanda Genther rounds up her favourite planners for 2015.

How to get calcium without dairy.

9 tips to look good in every photo.

Things you do in the bathroom that you might not know are unhygienic.

I wasn't a 'serious' cheerleader but I still laughed at some of these signs you used to be a cheerleader.

Morag x
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