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The Linkables

Evanna Lynch in a 2008 fashion shoot. I choose this photo cause the colours remind me of Ravenclaw...

Alice included me in her Friday Favourites post last week. Go say hi and check out her other picks.

If you're struggling on what to get the men in your life for Christmas, check out this gift guide by Nadia.

And Sheri has put together a gift guide for the Grinch in your life.

Far Left Buffy is the best Facebook Page in forever. But you need to be a Buffy fan to get it. And a lefty.

These solar system tree decorations are all your Christmas tree requirs this year.

The November checklist for gardeners.

I agree: abusive student relationships are capable of flying under the radar.

It's blunt but I agree and there's a study to back it: It's not your children holding your career back. It's your husband. (Though I do not agree with 'marrying down', ever).

A teacher's letter to parents who ask about THAT kid.

Some blogging advice on working with PRs, from the viewpoint of a PR girl

When I was a student also partaking in 300 extra-curricular activities I had a boderline reliance on my Filofax. It's since fallen apart but as my life gets busier alongside my full-time job (the background running of my blog needs structure) I'm thinking of reinvesting. Here's Gala Darling's guide to how to she organises hers.

Molly Crabapple's 14 rules for creative success in the internet age.

If you're a vegan living in the South West region of England you should be following @Dorset_Vegan

And something else for my vegan English readers (but this time in the North West) places for vegans and vegetarians to eat in Manchester.

For fun: what your zodiac sign says about your social media habits.

Drama can be addicting and we can't always tell we're causing it or inviting it but if you think you might be here's a guide to lessening the amount of it in your life.

8 inexpensive but amazing countries to live in for a year.

Some women get an abortion for health reasons. Or because they already have three kids. Or because they're young. But someone women get an abortion just because they don't want a baby. And it's as legitimate a reason as any.

If you have someone in your life who just won't stop farting, gift them this at Christmas so they'll at least smell like roses instead.

What it feels like to be diagnosed with HIV. The article touches on it, but please get tested. I know for a fact I'm HIV-negative, do you know your status?

How online harassment was turned in art.

25 benefits of gaming while male.

Keeping with the social problems in geek culture theme with this piece on racism and fat-shaming in the cosplaying community.

The piece above also links to an article on racism when choosing cosplay costumes. I don't cosplay but love to dress up at Halloween and one costume I've been meaning to do for years is Rogue from X-Men, even though my favourite character is actually Storm. (I also don't like doing female-versions of male characters).

Annnnnd, a solar powered vibrator. (NSFW, obviously).

Morag x
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