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31 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Being Cruelty-Free

As you maybe heard (if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you most likely did) the campaigning has worked and the European Union has agreed that testing on animals will be banned on either products made in Europe or products being important.

Can I get a hurray

I am mega excited about this move (obviously!) and was absolutely cheesing from ear to ear. I'm not going to re-gurge what the reports have said but will instead dedicated this Thursdays post to what I really love about being a cruelty-free person/beauty blogger/aficionado!

I feel like I'm doing something good for the world. Top of the list is a clear conscience. I love beauty, and I use about 25 products daily but it makes me feel so good to know that about 90% of that has not been tested on animals. The 10% will be gone as soon as I used up the last of my Benefit products. 

I practice what I preach.  Ever thought something was wrong but never took any action? Think global warming is terrible but always insist on taking the car? Hate sexism but still use the word slut to describe a girl who dares to have casual sex? Hey, we're all guilty of not acting out our beliefs but at least when it comes to cosmetics when I state I think animal testing is wrong I can also state that I incorporate this belief into my lifestyle.  

It's a great talking point between other cruelty-free beauty bloggers. My list of beauty blogs is always growing but when I come across another cruelty-free blog I'm all OMGEEEELOVE! And judging by some of my messages and comments I get I'm not the only one who gets a bit  over-excited.

I can call myself a true animal lover. It's time for the preachy part, yo! No matter how much you love your little Scottish Terrier you cannot call yourself an animal lover if you're willing to purchase a lipstick that harmed an animal in the process. Some people justify loving animals but eating meat because cows aren't kept as pets and I can sort of grasp that - but bunnies are commonly used for cosmetics testing and I've known quite a few people who've had those as pets.

I've discovered so many new brands. Yes, when you go cruelty-free you'll need to give up a few brands. MAC, Dior, Estee Lauder, Smashbox and Benefit have amazing products but they also burn out the eyes of a mouse in order to produce them. Instead of limiting myself to a few brands I've opened my horizon and discovered loads of new brands and experimented more than ever before to achieve my perfect look.

I've been cruelty-free for close to a year now after having discovered Louise's blog and it's now simply habit as I am well informed about what brands test and which don't so I just walk straight past the counters of those that do and head straight to the ones who don't. In the same way I'd avoid the meat aisle.

Lots and lots of Lush/Barry M/ Models Own/Soap & Glory/Illamasque love!


29 January 2013

An Evening at Strata Bar & Restaurant

As it was mentioned in last week's Sunday post my parents came down to Glasgow for a visit and treated me to a meal at Strata Bar & Restaurant situated on Queen Street (or my mum got vouchers valid for the day they were planning to come down).

The place was a bar with some tables lined up the side by the window. There was also an upstairs though I didn't venture into that part. It was quite lively and having our meal at 7pm meant that there were already people having their Friday night drinks after the 9-5 hog!

For starters it was veggieness all round despite my parents being firm carnivores. The vegetarian cred of this restaurant wasn't high but the options of starters included my brushetta, my mum's sweetcorn soup (which was the soup of the day) and my dad's halloumi salad. I did have reservation about ordering as there weren't any 'v' symbols on the menu and I had to make my decision as to which looked veggie - and I have to admit I was suspicious that the dressing round my bruchetta possibly contained Worcester sauce, though it could have been something else - been a while since I had Lea and Perrins! (Or I could have asked)

For main course my parents went back to being raging carnivores whilst I sat down with my mushroom risotto (it was either that or a bean burger). This was absolutely delicious; it was absolutely creamy and had so much flavour (let's be honest mushroom risotto's are not the most flavoursome thing ever!). My only compliant was that the portion was really small which was a shame as I could have eaten about 10 more portions. 

I was at the toilet whilst the waitress was asking about desserts so my parents flipped the coin and decided we weren't having any. Boo! But I did finish off the meal with one of their fancy cocktails. I honestly cannot remember what was in this but I seem to remember it caught my eye because it mentioned herbs which I thought was weird (and I normally always select the oddest cocktail on the menu, or one that contains rum).  

Overall the Strata was nice. I've bitched about the vegetarian friendliness of the place in this post however it really was quite nice. My main reservation (even if I did eat meat) was that I much prefer to get a big portion of okay food rather than a small portion of what was simply amazing. It was amazing but really - I'm a hungry person a lot of the time and need my munchies. My parents thought there's were filling, but they did order a meaty main. 

The main highlight was definitely the drinks selections (my dad was spoilt with whiskeys), so whilst I might not fall over myself to return for a meal I imagine this would be a really nice place to go for a drink (or several) with some friends. 

Lots of herby cocktail love!


27 January 2013

In This Week/Request for DIY help

The longer and longer I remain in the 9-5 it seems that these posts get more and more boring. I'm close to wrapping up a web project at work so that should hopefully be finished next week. My work BFF was off last week so it was pretty quiet for me. Oh the days when my days were varied with university life. 

And onto the dressing table in the picture. This was a dresser that I was watching on ebay that had no bids and I thought was safe until payday. Unfortunately fate intervened and it was no longer to be as I spotted the listing had been replaced by a desk (why not just delete this listing and create a new listing...?). After some whining on Twitter Louise used her wisdom to tell me that there is a high chance I should be able to DIY this, as it is just a dresser with some wallpaper on it.

So instead of prattling on about my week which involved devising a cleaning rota for myself and the flatmate I am using this Sunday post to call out to anyone who might know where I can get snazzy pin-up girl or other uber-retro wallpaper (apparently this is Vivienne Westwood) and a plain vintage shaped dresser which doesn't involve a gigantic courier cost to get it to Glasgow? That isn't eBay or Gumtree? I'm going to be hunting high and low (this is a mission, I really wanted that dresser #firstworldproblems) but I would love if anyone had some suggestions or advice. DIY and vintage furniture shopping (or furniture shopping on the whole) isn't something I have a lot of experience in. 

Lots of eBay bidding war love people! 


25 January 2013

The Linkables - Hipster Wedding Special

Courtesy of Refinery29 

It's late and I'm tired but this really is so much of a gem it deserves it's own blog post. 


24 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Being a Grown Up

Despite having entered the 9-5 three months ago it has recently hit home that I am now a grown-up. I have responsibilities. Sometimes a marketing decision at work sits solely on my shoulders. It also hit me recently that summer won't be full of adventure but sitting in an office discussing branding and mobile websites. And then there was the monumental moment of selecting our flat hoover (adults don't just select any old hoover). 

But despite my 'almost a quarter of a century' jokes I do all in all prefer adult life. I don't pander much for my life as a 16 year old or my days as a brace-faced fresher. As scary biscuits as responsibility can be (especially work related ones) I'd much rather have freedom than having to live with someone else's rules. I am stubborn and have always been independent for my age. I still have a boss and a landlord but at least parents and teachers can't linger over me. 

One of the reasons I didn't get my tragus done until I was 22 and am only now planning my first tattoo is because my parents hate them and I've been raised to think anything other than ear lobe piercings are socially unacceptable. I think we can tell I've rebelled. Or I became financially independent, moved out and grew a pair. 

Overall, I'm far happier as an adult. I didn't have a rough ride as a teenager but I'm much happier with my adult style, own flat, straight teeth and no longer having to endure Shakespeare and trigonometry  I'm much more secure in my own skin, which usually does come with age. My advice for awkward teenagers is that it should pass and you just need to see out these few years. 

Much love to adult life, but maybe not the council tax part.


22 January 2013

Beauty Review: Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash

I'm always on the look out for new natural and animal-friendly products so when Australian brand Sukin released their products in the UK and offered to send me a product of my choosing, I was all over it. 

Admittedly I don't have dry hands (or body, or face) but for me using body butters, hand creams, exfoliators is about enhancing what I consider one of my best features. I've used moisturising hand washes/soaks before and love having one there though admittedly it's not something I would go out of my way to buy. With an office job my hands don't (normally) come into contact with anything harmful or drying but since I'm planning to take up gardening this Spring (rock and roll!) my hands might lose their normal suppleness. 

I have kept this bottle in my shower since I received it not long before Christmas. You're probably meant to keep this on your sink but as mine is already brimming with stuff as my flat is still very sans-mirrors in anywhere but the bathrooms I decided to incorporate it into my shower routine.

After first use of this product I did notice a different in my hands. As I said my hands are naturally soft but this took them up to baby soft. And my hands have been obviously touchably softer since. This product smells like a typical natural product - like a strong smelling plant, which does nauseate me a bit when I smell it straight from the bottle. However the small pump I take for doing my hands in the morning doesn't leave a lingering scent.

Sukin hand wash is being sold at £8.12 (via Cress UK) which at first can seem like an eye-popper of a price for a hand wash but you get 250ml and believe me when I say I'm only one tenth of the way through my bottle after a month - it works out at good value. Weather or not I re-purchase will remain to be seen; maybe I'll need something stronger once my balcony garden gets underway. But this is a product I am giving the thumbs up to!


*As mentioned this product was sent to me for review. However opinions are my own and I have received no payment for this post. I'll also state that in terms of animal testing I am taking the word of the company and performed no further research into their policies. 

21 January 2013

How I Looked: Shorts to Work

It's been a wee while since I put up a post about what a prissy fashion blogger puts on to go to her office job hasn't it? I actually took these pictures in early December (I certainly didn't stand outside like this in the recent weather!) but all the Christmassy posts prevented it from going up. 

This still worked for the office as it is mainly black (though it still has studs, fur, jewels, pleather and checks) despite the shorts that don't even come half way down my thighs. But considering I was interviewed wearing a short black playsuit I'll go with the assumption my employer doesn't think it is strange to not put on a pair on trousers when the half the country is on a severe weather warning. 

The jacket was an old one from New Look a few years back so we'll take that off already? Yes? Okay. The  cardigan was bought from Primark as winter came in and I needed some fancy new layers plus something warm to wear in the office that wasn't a full flung jacket. Admittedly this jumper needed to grow on me and the reason, seriously, is because even with fur and wool I still reckon it's too plain for my taste. 

And now we move on to one of my favourite pieces right now. A white shirt is very essential addition to a work wardrobe and I wanted to find one that was just right. It was at some point in a shopping trip that I decided I wanted a studded collar and it was only in H&M that I spied this but unfortunately they didn't have my size. Later that week I hoped into the other Glasgow H&M and picked up my size and it has been a staple piece since. I also picked up a skin coloured vest and a white vest from Primark to protect my modesty, but I've been wearing the skin coloured one as I think it looks a a bit classier (and invisible) than having a white vest top show up through a shirt. 

The shorts were bought over a year for a bit of pub golf (and I actually wore them to my first ever Scottish blogger meet-up) and they rarely seen the light of day again until I started the 9-5.   

Also we already know the shoes came from Primark

Lots of back outfit love!


20 January 2013

In This Week

This weekend my parents made their way down to Glasgow with a voucher my mum managed to get for a swanky hotel! And then went out to Strata on Queen's Street with another voucher. Quite the money saver my mum is! Strata was nice albeit maybe a bit posh for me with the small portions for somewhat big prices - I'd rather take a big portion that is okay rather than a small but divine portion. I'm thinking of writing up a full review as it has been requested I write more about food but I can't write recipes as most of the meals you see on my Instagram were'n't made using my own recipe.

And then I made great use of my parents having their car down for the weekend and headed out to IKEA and Dobbies in Braehead for some homeware shopping. Unfortunately I didn't find much given that my room already has a purple French theme when I moved in and it was difficult picking living room furniture without my flatmate there. Dobbies, which I can usually get lost in for hours, didn't have much that I felt I needed in my life now! I only picked up some matching plates and glasses for the flat and a few seeds ready for Spring when I start working on my balcony garden.

And the main reason my parents came down was so we could go a mini-trip to Kilmarnock where a lot of my dad's side of the family still live. Want a fun fact? My Grandad came from Knockinlaw. You know, where The Scheme was filmed. Thankfully none of my family live there now and visited some of my dad's uncles, aunts and cousins in a slightly nicer part. And got drunk - when you visit your relatives who are all over 70 you don't expected to get loaded on wine and rum but that's what happened and I ended up with a spinning head whilst sitting on my train back up to Glasgow!

Lots and lots of Knockinlaw love!


18 January 2013

The Linkables

I re-watched this recently and still cried with laughter like when I first seen it.

TGIF! I've had a long week and cannot welcome to weekend enough right now. Plus I'm going to IKEA tomorrow. And Dobbies. Nothing gets me more excited than homeware shopping. Can someone say grown-up?

Catherine posted her Sunday night regime and I'm giving it a high five. Probably because it's quite similar to my own.

Some of us achieve goals better if they are written down. Ella has created a little book of food to help with her healthy eating.

I'm still in home decor mode since my move in October and it looks like me and Cara have the exact same taste.

Columbia Road in London looks like my kinda place.

As someone who lives the single life happily and has never been fussed about marriage, the concept of being 'single at heart' is very interesting to me. Though I'd personally say I'm more the type that refuses to settle.

On that note, child-free ftw! Eating out with kids vs without kids.


17 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Rediscovering Love

No matter much we loved something when we first laid eyes on it - a new house, a nightclub, romantic partner or in my case, a new city - we usually get into a routine, forget why and lose that special feeling. Towards the end of 2012 I felt that about Glasgow. Despite all the gushing I did when I first moved here I orientated myself with the city centre and when you're working a full time job with a ton of hobbies on the side like I am, you're not likely to go outrageously exploring. And I began to get bored and I began getting that itchy feet feeling that is all too common for someone with my short attention span.

Roll in the new year I decided I wasn't going to be the twat who took a train to work when they could walk  it in the same amount of time. My landlord showed me the route and I walked it home one night to discover it felt the same as the walk from my old university to my final flat in Dundee. The beauty of this was that I got to see another part of Glasgow I had previously neglected. At night; all lit up. I'm a city girl through and through and I find very few things more beautiful than a brightly lit city at night. Without divulging exactly where I work and live my route let me see the SECC, BBC Scotland studios (and stand there guessing which floor they film on) and the Clyde Arc. Which obviously puts me along the Clyde and as a water baby this filled me up. Seeing a new part of Glasgow refreshed my brain and reminded me of when I walked out of Queen Street station in 2011 and just knew that was where I wanted to live.

I have a short attention span which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does occasionally allow me to get bored with places, projects and material goods and forget what it was all about in the first place. My flat is beautiful but I also found myself lusting over Charlene's flat recently having to remind myself that mine may not have an open brick wall but putting down the deposit was one of my best moments of 2012. Me and my flatmate has promised each other that personalising our flat is a priority and I am heading to Braehead this weekend for home decor fun times. 

Even if you're attention span isn't as small as mine, remember to switch things up. Rearrange your bedroom, go somewhere new for your girls holiday, take your partner to a different restaurant and act like it's your first date all over again, take your dog to a different park for a walk. Anything that allows you to switch up and remember what it was about that flat/friend/boyfriend/dog that you fell madly for in the first place. 

Lots of fresh new love people!


13 January 2013

In This Week

This week has been my first full one back at work in 2013. Time off has been nice but it was refreshing to get back to work and clear off some of my professional to-do list. Plus get back to some human contact. That too. 

Saturday also seen me go for my first run since my move to Glasgow. Which means I hadn't exercised in over 3 months. The run was not as tiring as I had presumed given how long it has been but the aftermath was what hit me. I spent the rest of Saturday in bed as it had taken that much out of me. Today I was a bit more productive and headed into town to get some new work clothes and make-up as the staff photos for the website are happening on Wednesday so need to look nice and spruced up for that! 

I hope you had a less exhausted week than me. 


12 January 2013

The story behind my favourite pair of heels!

Obviously I've been wearing shoes my entire life but having parents who weren't that into fashion meant I was only owned the amount of shoes that were necessary which was essentially school shoes, gym shoes, play shoes, a pair for nice occasions and maybe some slippers I got for Christmas. New ones were only bought when needed. And they would rarely cost more than £15.

Fast forward to me as a financial independent 22 year old I have what could be close to 30 pairs (never counted, but could easily be true). I started to own more shoes as I hit 18 as I began to go out more and thus 'needed' nicer shoes for club nights. I bought my very first pair of heels/going out shoe in the boxing days sales of 2007 in Next. My mum technically paid for them but I gave her the talk of promising I would learn to walk in them in the house. I never wore them outside of the house until I went off to university and couldn't wear trainers at the events throughout freshers week. I can still remember putting them on for my first nightclub in Dundee along with black jeans and a white top - still complete with braces *cringe*. I couldn't walk in them yet and it was commented on. I was still determined that I would master heel walking and bought about upteen pairs whilst in my first year of university. I didn't ever walk comfortably in any of them and by the time second year hit I would rarely wear them (and would at least put flats in my bag for when I did) unless it was a fancy occasion where I would be sitting most of the time.

It wasn't until 2012 that I gained inspiration from Nubby Twiglet: wedges! They would give me the elongated legs that heels brought and also just some general glamour that even the nicest ballet flat just can't. I picked up some wedges in New Look which can be seen in this outfit post and was able to walk to my friends house almost 20 minutes away and dance away that night with little trouble. I still got a taxi home though. 

The only problem was that they didn't match a lot of what I already owned.

This silly story takes shape as I reveal to you what my favourite shoe is today. And they are a pair I bought recently but have become my default going out shoe. They are black so will go with most of my clothes, are slightly statement so still add some spark to a boring dress (but I rarely buy a dress that doesn't have some kind of sparkle, bow or layers anyway), elongates my leg and allows me to look over people, but I can still walk in them! 

Seeing as Next was the first place I ever bought a heeled shoe and also the place where I got another heeled shoe which is usually my go-to when I need a delicate spiked heels for a really formal event, it seems fitting that I still check out their range from time to time. 

1 / 23

I've selected these three from the range as I generally prefer my shoes plain as not to make my outfit too fussy given how much I love a patterned dress! I mentioned in the video where I bought my favourite pair that I was looking for a plain black boot and Next certainly has plenty in their range that meets that criteria. I've also been lusting over some studded ballet flats but the ones I've seen have been obviously cheap looking! Cough, Primark.

I also need slippers so these too!

And then obviously Spring is coming in less than two months now so I'll need to start thinking about sandles.

This post was written as part of a competition run by Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream. If I win I will receive a gift voucher for Next, but if I don't this post will remain up as everything said has been true. If you want to enter yourself you can check out the details here.

Much shoe love!


11 January 2013

The Linkables

This week was my first full week back at work since the holidays so I haven't managed to quite get myself back into the run of things so this will be a short Linkables. 

General Fiasco, video above, have been on repeat for the last week. So many songs have been starred on my Spotify! 

One of my favourite vegan bloggers, Tashina, posted about finding out if sugar is vegan - never knew it couldn't be!

I know I link A Beautiful Mess every week but I totally agree with recently-engaged Emma's thoughts on love

I've been really lovely nail art blogs recently and manicure addict has been added to the growing list. 

A brand spanking new Pinterest account for my addiction: Babble!

Any more links you've been loving this week?


10 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday: These Past Two Years

It was for an interview - which I got!

Yesterday I celebrated my two year blogversary (listen up Oxford, it's a new word) and rambled on about how much my life has changed in two years thanks to blogging. I also made reference to other things having happened that lead to my almost constant state of happiness. 

It's probably all documented within my blog somewhere but I'm going to list it anyway. Because I love lists.

My part-time job
I landed an amazing part-time job in social media not long into 2011, when I was in my third year of university. I had no idea what I wanted to do until then and was truthfully getting quite confused about my future. I had always been passionate about social media and the internet as a whole but it was one of those jobs that I just didn't quite grasp how people made their way into it. As there isn't (yet) a degree or college course on digital marketing it is remaining a career people tend to fall into. And I am so grateful I have. 

Founding the Abertay Cupcake & Baking Society
I kept pretty quiet about which Dundonian university I attended for privacy reasons. And thus kept (reasonably) quiet about my little baby. I'll now reveal I attended Abertay and I am the very proud founder of the Abertay Cupcake & Baking Society. I love my little baby and even more so that it still exits now. I gained so much confidence, something extra to talk about at interviews and made one of my best friends ever through it. 

My move to Glasgow
We've all heard me gush about this plenty of times before. Next.

Became vegetarian
Also heard too much about this.

Remained single and got to know myself
In two months it will have been two and a half years since I was someone's girlfriend. Being single this long does the invite pitty questions and I recently found out I'm considered one of those girls who are 'always single'. Hold the phone! I have loved these past two years (as difficult as the first few months were) and I believe I really needed to be singe a while. My bad relationship habit that needed breaking was losing sense of myself in a relationship and changing even if the guy wasn't trying to change me. I now have a much stronger view of who I am and believe I would make a much better girlfriend, were the right guy to come along.

Bought my DLSR
Probably the most money I've ever parted with in one go, but so glad I have. My most treasured possession.

A flat I love
It has a balcony, open plan living/kitchen, breakfast bar and a spare room. Plus my room has a en-suite and a large windowsill for basking like a cat. I'm smug. 

Lots of happiness and love!


9 January 2013

mo'adore is two!

Today me & my blog celebrated our two year anniversary together. And by that I mean I wrote this blog post and baked a cake after coming home from work. Yes, I baked a cake for my blog - haters to the left!

I've gushed before but I'm going to gush again. I love blogging. I love the brands I've discovered through blogging, the inspirational posts, the beauty products, the blogger meet-ups but most importantly I love how it has changed me for the better and I can see how far my life has come. If you've followed my blog for a long time you'll know that I started my blog right after a difficult couple of months and my first couple of posts have become such a contrast to where I am now. There were other events that led me to becoming this happy after all that happened in late 2010 but my blog was an amazing part of that change, leading to some amazing personal changes and experiences. I honestly owe so much of my happiness to blogging. <3

I love you mo'adore. Many more years, yeah?


7 January 2013

Review: Dentyl Active Mouthwash

Whilst I've never documented it on here: I am a huge teeth person. I think it comes from having had braces on for three years and that oddly proud feeling of not having had a single filling in my 22 years. Teeth is also something I'm quick to notice on another person. Therefore I take care of mine. 

I was offered this as PR sample (but received the full sized product) and after some Googling discovered that Dentyl Active is a cruelty-free brand.** I had seen this mouthwash before but usually I stick to cheaper brands as I don't view mouthwash as the most important part of my regime. 

Admittedly I wasn't overally impressed. Shaking the liquid together made me ask myself in bathroom "why can't Dentyl formulate it differently so I don't have to shake bottles at 8am?". Also I was expecting it to be minty but it wasn't. I can't really describe what it did taste like, but it wasn't the minty freshness I expect from tooth products. I think the only thing I liked was the colour. 

Sorry Dentyl thumbs down!


* Was sent to my for free for consideration. My opinion is my own. 
** My confirmation of this being cruelty-free was Google - I have never contacted the company. 

6 January 2013

In This Week

How is everyone's 2013 going so far? Mine probably looks like I've been sitting about gushing about resolutions all week and wearing sparkly dresses. But Thursday I headed back to work and the rest of it has been cleaning, organising, brushing up on French adjectives and discovering new bands on Spotify (General Fiasco - Ever So Shy is on repeat as I type, if you like your music guitar based). Also: a broken boiler! Just what you want to wake up to on the first day of a new year. 

And for anyone who doesn't know me well - I am a enormous Katy Perry fan! I got gifted the calender for my birthday in November and it has been on my living room wall ever since. Me and my friends had a monumental moment finally opening it up. 

I hope your first week to the new year was amazing and I promise next week I'll stop prattling on about self-improvement. 


5 January 2013

Stuck for resolutions? Here are my previously successful ones

We're now 5 days into 2013 and by now you've probably all seen a gazillian resolution posts. I put mine out there on new years day itself (oo, organised ) but some people may be sitting scratching their heads at what they could possibly do with this year.

As a chronic resolution maker I have plenty of experience in goal-setting and achieving all the things. In fact I'm pretty adept at seeing my resolutions through.

Okay so I don't keep them all. Do yoga every morning? I'm getting my extra five minutes. And I'm still not that good at letting go of the past. Plus I still didn't see anymore of Dundee in the months prior to leaving last July. But I do tend to keep them.

Here are some of the goals I've followed through on:

Go vegetarian
Probably one of the most notable changes I've ever made (given the amount of questions I get asked about it...) and one of the best I've ever made. I've said before that I would never force someone to give up meat but I've had so many questions from people who say they would like to become veggie but don't feel they can, or even someone who said they would put the beef aside if they thought about it too long. A large part of this blog is now dedicated to vegetarianism and is therefore proof that it isn't some impossible feat. I'm not going to say it's easy as it may occasionally invite unsolicited questions, cause you to pull out of someone's birthday at a steakhouse or explain why you can't drink a martini.

Learn to cook
All those fancy Instagram photos of my daily meals? Until the start of 2012 I was mainly living off cheese pizzas. Specifically my goal for 2012 was 'become more interestingly vegetarian' and judging by the amount of likes I get on my food photos I'm going to say I've achieved it. This goal applies for both veggies and meat eaters as I know some meat-eaters who make my diet look varied and exciting. I've said before but one of the best beginner cookbooks (and my daily go-to) is Vegetarian Nosh for Students. Go buy it! There's also a 'normal' one...

Switch up my beauty regime to include more natural products
Prior to 2011 I had owned about three Lush products ever. Fast forward to the end of 2012 I know the range as well as some of the staff. If you're a spotty acne sufferer like myself switching up your products to natural ones may be your holy grail too.

Enjoy being single and remain so until the correct person comes along
Anyone who has met me within the past two years may think I'm ridiculously hard to take off the market. Anyone who has known me longer than two years probably knows why. I used to be a settler and it took a really bad break-up in 2010 to realise this. Since then I promised myself I'd only get into relationships with someone who truly deserved me. I've been single so long now that I'm so used to it I am becoming genuinely difficult to take off the market. 

Don't stalk people you used to date or those you hate
For some reason it seems to be human nature to take note of what our exes or those we dislike are up to. Exes I understand, but people we dislike? For some reason we do. At the start of 2011 I decided the only person this was hurting was myself and the time I was wasting on these people's Facebook was time I could be using making myself happy. We all have people we dislike and it's best to stay out their way. We can't delete people off Facebook without some drama but did you know you can play with your settings so certain individuals won't show in your news feed? In my experience if you can control yourself not to look at someone's profile for two weeks then you're in the clear and you're habit is broken.

Stop moaning on Facebook and posting pointless statuses
It is your Facebook account and as long as it breaks none of the company's policies you are free to post what you like. But don't question why you're not being overcome by party invites if you feel the need to bitch about being stuck in traffic or publicly slander your ex. After a bad day pick up the phone and have a good whine to your mum/sister/best friend/boyfriend, then have a long hot bath.

Stand your ground & stick up for yourself
Admittedly I'm still no fierce individual. But in comparison to last year I've seen an improvement. Honestly, it's still only situations in which I have to stick up for myself such as nagging a landlord for the return of deposits or telling that guy who has been chasing you that you know he has a secret girlfriend. I still have to give myself a pep talk or receive one from someone else. And I'll usually choose the medium of writing rather than in person.

Develop a good relationship with oneself
When I entered 2011 I was ringing in the bells as a single person for the first time since the eve of 2008. And I was a long way off becoming ready for anything new and I certainly wasn't fulfilling the 'love yourself first or no one else will' matra. Plus I was reading a lot of Gala Darling at the time. It was a crucial time to sit down for a one-to-one with myself and figure out who I was, what I liked about myself and what I really wanted. There's no quick fix for this but fast forward to the close of 2012 and I like how I look, am confident in my abilities, and believe I lead a magical life. You could be here with me in 2013.

Own your own life
Possibly the most important decision I have ever made, and the most important you'll ever make, if you choose to make it. If you choose to dedicate 2013 to loving yourself you'll have to take control of your life. I'm a firm believer in not judging other people's life choices if they are no harm to anyone else. I long to live in a world where nobody is judged for their own personal decisions, but if people keep hiding who they are or don't do something due to fear of judgement how will that ever happen? Whether you want a quiet life, a big noisy 100mph life, blue hair, a massive tattoo sleeve, your first baby by 25, or to never have kids, go straight into the workforce after school or get three degrees. It's your life, own it. 

Much love to whatever 2013 takes you!


4 January 2013

The Linkables

How cute is that ring finger? tutorial here.

Welcome to the first installment of my 2013 Linkables! I started this feature twice in 2012: once called Morag Loves.... and then again near the end called Weekend Web Links. I was in two minds about changing the name again but I think we shall roll with it, won't we?

First off, some resolution love! Much kudos to fellow phobia sufferer Katie Snooks who is going to make 2013 the year she beats it! Much braver than me who keeps using the expensive excuse.

Another new year post I love came from Coffee and Heels who decided to keep things simple.

If you're needing a way to make sure you keep your resolutions how about making your own wall prints?

Also, to make sure you record all of 2013, a memory jar is a mega cute idea.

Mushrooms are one of my favourite vegetables so my mouth totally drooled when I seen these portobello mushroom burgers.

Another food that gets my drooling is red velvet anything. So how about some red velvet fudge? I'll be having some of that.

I recently met Juliet at the Christmas blogger meet-up and this week I sat down with her blog and ended up going through most of the archives. A mixed-bag lifestyle blog is my favourite type of blog and Juliet gets it spot on.

Ever spent so long planning something only for it to last hours in the end? Christmas can feel like that and Rosie agrees.

I wouldn't exactly call roller skating a hobby of mine, but the Topshop collection of roller skates are giving me summer ideas.

Do you ever assume you can't do something before you've even tried? Dana has some words for you. (As a side note: I forget my manners when someone asks a question that could easily have been Googled).

On that note, if you've ever wondered how to knit with your hands then here is your first tutorial.

Some feminism now! Do you agree with Jezebel on why guys hate being called creeps? I think the writer makes a good point.

If like me you're always looking for new blogs then Suzie put together a big list of her fav bloggers of the last year.

Happy Reading!


3 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Resolutions

If you've been a follower of Mo'Adore for at least a week you've probably already become acquainted with the idea that I love big old resolution. Or nine as I decided on Tuesday. Most of the internet makes them (if my bloglovin' feed is anything to go by) but then the other part of the internet feels the need to pull all the goal-setters and list-makers down with them. I'm here today to explain why plotting for a new year is pretty much my favourite hobby & tell the nay-sayers to put a sock in it! 

I didn't really do the whole resolution thing when the teachers made me. Heck I was ten and didn't really know the endless possibilities that life had. It was something that began to creep in about 2010. I didn't have a big infinity moment in December 2009 - but my main resolution that year "be more sociable" was brought on because my then relationship was fast approaching its close & despite having promised myself I wouldn't be one of 'those' couples that were never apart, I sort of became one half of them. I realised I was alone if it ended. Which it did. 

Then 2011 I made a ton of resolutions - and this blog was one of them. 2010 went on to be a pretty shit year (but I did make a lot more friends) and was possibly the kick up the ass that I needed that I wasn't happy and needed to start becoming someone I was happy to be. Come the end of 2011 I was happier than I had ever been and had an excellent relationship with myself. 

When I finished university last July so many people remarked on how far I had come from being that shy little 17 year old. Anyone want to know my secret? I made goals and stick to them! Many of them made at the beginning of the year, and sometimes more made at the beginning of each academic year. 

You do get people who remark "why wait for the new year?" If you want to make a change just do it. Very true, if I have a eureka moment in July I'm not going to sit and tap my foot until January. But the new year does have symbolism. It gives you a start date and an end date to your goals that can't be extended if you slack off. 

There are people who don't want to make resolutions - and that's cool. I make a point to never judge someone's lifestyle unless it' harmful to themselves or others. And even then I keep unsolicited comments to myself. If someone wants to live a quiet life then that is fabulous and none of my business. I just leave them to it.  But I'm the opposite of simple - I tried being simplistic but I was unhappy. I like glitter, travel, going-overboard at Eurovision and trying to balance 20 things at once. I'm not built for the quiet life. 

If you've ever wanted to be more of an achiever, a bit more adventurous or just know something isn't quite right in your life, maybe you should consider joining me on the resolution preacher brigade. 

Lots of goal-setting love!