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How I Looked: Shorts to Work

It's been a wee while since I put up a post about what a prissy fashion blogger puts on to go to her office job hasn't it? I actually took these pictures in early December (I certainly didn't stand outside like this in the recent weather!) but all the Christmassy posts prevented it from going up. 

This still worked for the office as it is mainly black (though it still has studs, fur, jewels, pleather and checks) despite the shorts that don't even come half way down my thighs. But considering I was interviewed wearing a short black playsuit I'll go with the assumption my employer doesn't think it is strange to not put on a pair on trousers when the half the country is on a severe weather warning. 

The jacket was an old one from New Look a few years back so we'll take that off already? Yes? Okay. The  cardigan was bought from Primark as winter came in and I needed some fancy new layers plus something warm to wear in the office that wasn't a full flung jacket. Admittedly this jumper needed to grow on me and the reason, seriously, is because even with fur and wool I still reckon it's too plain for my taste. 

And now we move on to one of my favourite pieces right now. A white shirt is very essential addition to a work wardrobe and I wanted to find one that was just right. It was at some point in a shopping trip that I decided I wanted a studded collar and it was only in H&M that I spied this but unfortunately they didn't have my size. Later that week I hoped into the other Glasgow H&M and picked up my size and it has been a staple piece since. I also picked up a skin coloured vest and a white vest from Primark to protect my modesty, but I've been wearing the skin coloured one as I think it looks a a bit classier (and invisible) than having a white vest top show up through a shirt. 

The shorts were bought over a year for a bit of pub golf (and I actually wore them to my first ever Scottish blogger meet-up) and they rarely seen the light of day again until I started the 9-5.   

Also we already know the shoes came from Primark

Lots of back outfit love!

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