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The Linkables

I re-watched this recently and still cried with laughter like when I first seen it.

TGIF! I've had a long week and cannot welcome to weekend enough right now. Plus I'm going to IKEA tomorrow. And Dobbies. Nothing gets me more excited than homeware shopping. Can someone say grown-up?

Catherine posted her Sunday night regime and I'm giving it a high five. Probably because it's quite similar to my own.

Some of us achieve goals better if they are written down. Ella has created a little book of food to help with her healthy eating.

I'm still in home decor mode since my move in October and it looks like me and Cara have the exact same taste.

Columbia Road in London looks like my kinda place.

As someone who lives the single life happily and has never been fussed about marriage, the concept of being 'single at heart' is very interesting to me. Though I'd personally say I'm more the type that refuses to settle.

On that note, child-free ftw! Eating out with kids vs without kids.

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