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An Evening at Strata Bar & Restaurant

As it was mentioned in last week's Sunday post my parents came down to Glasgow for a visit and treated me to a meal at Strata Bar & Restaurant situated on Queen Street (or my mum got vouchers valid for the day they were planning to come down).

The place was a bar with some tables lined up the side by the window. There was also an upstairs though I didn't venture into that part. It was quite lively and having our meal at 7pm meant that there were already people having their Friday night drinks after the 9-5 hog!

For starters it was veggieness all round despite my parents being firm carnivores. The vegetarian cred of this restaurant wasn't high but the options of starters included my brushetta, my mum's sweetcorn soup (which was the soup of the day) and my dad's halloumi salad. I did have reservation about ordering as there weren't any 'v' symbols on the menu and I had to make my decision as to which looked veggie - and I have to admit I was suspicious that the dressing round my bruchetta possibly contained Worcester sauce, though it could have been something else - been a while since I had Lea and Perrins! (Or I could have asked)

For main course my parents went back to being raging carnivores whilst I sat down with my mushroom risotto (it was either that or a bean burger). This was absolutely delicious; it was absolutely creamy and had so much flavour (let's be honest mushroom risotto's are not the most flavoursome thing ever!). My only compliant was that the portion was really small which was a shame as I could have eaten about 10 more portions. 

I was at the toilet whilst the waitress was asking about desserts so my parents flipped the coin and decided we weren't having any. Boo! But I did finish off the meal with one of their fancy cocktails. I honestly cannot remember what was in this but I seem to remember it caught my eye because it mentioned herbs which I thought was weird (and I normally always select the oddest cocktail on the menu, or one that contains rum).  

Overall the Strata was nice. I've bitched about the vegetarian friendliness of the place in this post however it really was quite nice. My main reservation (even if I did eat meat) was that I much prefer to get a big portion of okay food rather than a small portion of what was simply amazing. It was amazing but really - I'm a hungry person a lot of the time and need my munchies. My parents thought there's were filling, but they did order a meaty main. 

The main highlight was definitely the drinks selections (my dad was spoilt with whiskeys), so whilst I might not fall over myself to return for a meal I imagine this would be a really nice place to go for a drink (or several) with some friends. 

Lots of herby cocktail love!

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