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29 April 2015

Villa Toscana, Finnieston

vegetable risotto villa toscuna

Don't ever let it be said that I only eat at Indian restaurants. For the second week running I'm here with a review of an Italian restaurant. I was out with the girls at my work on a recently and we headed our usual joint, Villa Toscana on the Finnieston Strip. 

I've been in this restaurant a few times and it's your simple small Italian place. It's nothing spectacular but it's a nice wee place to grab something for not too much money and has a relaxed atmosphere. I remember the first time I was there I had some rice balls, and this time around I went for a vegetable risotto, with the garlic bread we had on the table and a bottle of wine (to share, just to clarify).

As you might have guessed (especially if you follow me on Instagram) I work near the Finnieston Strip, an area which has loads of little cafés and bars which are independently owned. There is Roots & Fruits which is good for a vegan snack and then there is also Piece, a gourmet sandwich maker which sells a lovely falafel filling (which can be made vegan of you ask for it without mayonnaise). Then for drinks I like to to the expensive but have-plenty-of-rum options Kelvingrove Café.

Where do you like to for a small and simple Italian?

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