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17 April 2015

The Linkables

If Game of Thrones characters were....sales reps.

It got onto my radar recently that some people really don't like link shortners. Here's an article which explains the for and against if you're unsure (I'm still in the camp that the benefits outweigh the negatives).

The best b2b illustrated marketing video I've seen.

Here's a bit of a rude promotional video from Bebo. Hah!

In the world of women's sport: Dundee United launched their official women's team

Someone created some mathematical formulas to check if the facts on hula hoop packets are correct.

"If Farage and UKIP MEPs had spent less time in the boozer, and more time in the EU parliament, they would have noticed that the Common Fisheries Policy has been completely reformed,"Hahahaha, from this article.

Oh, and here are some of the other policies in the UKIP manifesto which aren't getting as much media attention (but are bonkers).

Whilst male comic characters get the limelight, comics featuring female characters have been dominating online sales.

10 free ways to teach yourself inbound marketing

How to deal with people who think you're barmy for making positive changes in your life.

Someone's working on a cure for colour blindness.

It's always fascinating to see my city from a visitor's eyes.

An interesting read on race, fashion and happiness.

I'm not sure what kind of books your friends recommend to you, but Lis sent me a recommendation on GoodReads which is about the sex industry. But it looks good and very much up my street.

Ever sat through a meeting when an e-mail would have sufficed? Here's your ribbon.

I cannot wait for MTV's TV adaptation of the Scream movies.

One lovely lady's story of learning to love her big breasts.

I went to a high school with no uniform and was allowed bright red hair, so this is just bonkers to me.

Things to file under 'fuck yes': Costa Rica becomes first Latin American country to ban hunting for sport.

The Grand National was held recently. And as per normal, a horse died.

I tried yoga when I was 16 and pretty much hated it, but if you fancy giving it a go I've seen a lot of people mention Yoga With Adriene.

Tory candidate thinks mentally ill people should wear wristbands. Okay then.

11 ways to feel like you're saving money (I actually have a library card...which I should probably use).

I've never considered 'getting a bra fitting' to be one of my ASMR triggers, but this video is all kind of tingles.

Young voters care a lot about vegetarianism.

Illustrations of the types of photos you see on Instagram.

And finally, Yes and Yes is always full of treasures but you must read this post here about taking on too much.  "When we have eight social commitments each week, it’s difficult to really be there for our BFF when she’s blindsided by a breakup."


  1. Always enjoy your linkables posts :)

  2. This is the first I've heard of ASMR but I remember around two years ago I had a consultation with a women specialist (I don't even remember why) and she was so softly and slowly spoken that my whole body relaxed and I got tingles on my forearms. I thought, wow she should really do something on YouTube to help people with insomnia/anxiety and now it's a thing! I hate The Grand National for that reason. So according to the school ginger hair is offensive or inappropriate or is it just the self expression and individuality part? I'm guessing it's the latter. Smh.


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