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24 April 2015

The Linkables

Is this your photo? Let me know.

You know health bloggers who claim eating oranges cure cancer? One of them recently admitted she never even had the cancer she claimed to have cured. Funny that.

On a similar note, a reminder that just because someone has a hot bod doesn't mean you should be taking health advice from them.

A monthly subscription box...for your cat

It's saying something about British press when the best analysis of the election is coming from Vice.  

Find out where you Westminster candidates stand on abortion rights

Even the Telegraph thinks Right to Buy is nonesensical

New Lord Ashcroft polls suggests that Jim Murphy might lose his seat. I'm not laughing at all. Really.

On that note, here's the 13 seats the SNP might struggle to win

Helen of Wardrobe Conversations paid a visit to a new craft store in Dundee.

If you're itching to travel but really need to stay on a budget, checkout Hoval the cheap version of AirBnB

I've seen Wheatus before, and they're coming back to Glasgow.

Google has created a street view...for the Loch Ness

Very long, but interesting piece on TripAdvisor.

A post on whether knowing your partner's Facebook password will prevent cheating.

Given she already has 1 million followers I might be late to the party, but my favourite YouTuber right now is Niomi Smart.

If any of you are from Devon, you might not be happy to know it's one of the worst counties for animal abuse.

Tips for creating your very first business website.

It also looks like Google+ is on its way out (officially).

A geological survey in America suggests that fracking does cause earthquakes.

I'm really nosey (aren't all bloggers?) so really loved Lauren's desk tour.

A crowdfunder for a natural food and drink subscription box.

There's also a crowdfundet to get the Scotland surfing team to the ISA World Surfing Games in May!

Becky shares what she's learned from blogging.

Also, did you know Barbie has an Instagram account

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  1. That cat hamper - or hampurrr - service sounds amazing! Plus my cat would be as excited by the packaging as the actual contents! I'll also be sure to alert my husband to the upcoming stop snoring week!! Great eclectic links :)


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