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30 November 2013

Asian street food at Bar Soba Glasgow

When Hayley was through in Glasgow last weekend I was mega pumped when she told me she was curious about Bar Soba. I'm a fan of trying new places but Bar Soba is one of my favorite places to eat in G-town and I was more than happy to take her up on her offer.

I first visited Bar Soba when I came flat hunting over a year ago after securing employment so I suppose it holds some kind of special place for me. The food is of an Asian persuasion and the menu has dishes that span across Japan, Tailand, Malaysia, Korea and India. As normal for this cuisine the veggie options are a plenty with many of the dishes having a 'meat-free' option. It also feels ultra stylish inside with quirky decor and trendy, well-dressed staff.

I took a while to choose my main but settled on the Thai Green Veg Curry. Quite a safe choice from the menu but it was so beautiful that I gobbled it down whilst mildly forgetting about my table manners. As you can tell it was beautifully presented and came with jasmine rice, a lime (covered in some kind of seed?) and a small bowl of chilies.

As a side I decided to pick roti bread and yellow curry sauce even though I had absolutely no idea what it was. But after one bite I decided that if I was ever to - for whatever reason - rank the tastiest foods that have ever been in my mouth this would rank within the top five. Hayley ordered a side of chili fries which I decided to dip into the leftover curry sauce but unfortunately the heaven only occurred with the curry sauce/roti bread combo. Whoever came up with that combination deserves all the internet glory I can give them.

Also, their fries? They remind me of McDonald's fries which is honestly one of the foods I've missed since deciding that they need to get their story straight on the whole frying with beef fat (or not) before I eat them again.

Seriously go eat here. The cocktail menu also looked to die for, so drink something too.


29 November 2013

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26 November 2013

On looking different & in memory of Sophie Lancaster

Today would have been Sophie Lancaster's 27th birthday. For anyone not from the UK or anyone who wasn't watching the news in 2007, Sophie Lancaster met death at age 21 for nothing more than being a goth.

The charity set up in her name, S.O.P.H.I.E, is one that I have backed for a long time now. You can tell by looking at me that I don't belong to any subcultures and therefore have escaped any prejudice for how I choose to dress myself. However as far back I can remember I have never ever been able to understand any of the hatred people who look different have had to endure.

I'm sure we've all been vocally judged on at some point due to the way we look. Whether it's because we've chosen to get tattoos. We're happy being pale. Have a piercing somewhere other than our ears. Maybe we like wearing tracksuits all the time. Someone who told you that you looked better before you lost the weight. Or your new fringe makes you look younger. For having colourful hair. For having naturally ginger hair. Or questions about why you would choose to be ginger. Or maybe that day you decided to go to work with no make-up on and someone pointed it out.

Those kind of comments bug the shit out of me (clearly I'm being eloquent this evening). Despite my personal preferences when it comes to my own physical appearance I leave everyone else to decide what works for them, and keep any opinions on their tattoo choices or baggy trousers to myself. I have friends who look vastly different to me - alongside girls who own too many lipsticks, I have female friends who don't know what a 'colour correcting concealer' is, I have male friends who know exactly what that is and actively use it, I have friends of both sexes who don't fight their facial hair and I also have friends who definitely fall into the 'subculture' territory. What matters to me is what lies beneath that: loyalty, coming through for me during a difficult time, a lack of dramatic tendencies and someone I can have a natter with about pop culture.

Actively commenting and sneering at the way someone chooses to dress their body and belonging to a subculture has never made a grain of sense in my mind. Let alone murdering someone over it.

S.O.P.H.I.E now exists to keep Sophie's memory alive and stamp out the stigma aimed at subcultures within the UK. Sophie's mum travels the country speaking at schools and encouraging others to respect those who belong to alternative subcultures to make sure this crime is not repeated.

Maybe you wouldn't murder someone for being a goth but ask yourself honestly if you still hold prejudice for those in an alternative subculture? Do you nudge your friend when a punk walks by? Look down your nose at someone who dresses 'like a chav'? Told someone with a bright hair to their face that you don't like it? (From my days of having pillar box red hair at 15 I can tell you some people really do this). You're still adding to the prejudice that surrounded Sophie's murder.

The point of the charity and this blog post is to remind you to think twice before judging someone for the way they look, and stamp out the stigma towards subcultures.


Photo from Illamasqua, who have been big supporters of the charity.

Lush Squeaky Green solid shampoo

Remember that beauty goal I started sometime last year to discover the best in solid shampoos and conditioners? Yeah, I barely do either. I reviewed the Jungle solid conditioner and the Big solid conditioner and it sort of ended there. But recently I decided to finally pick up a shampoo, and went for Squeaky Green meant for oily hair.

The main theme to my review will be that this is meant for very oily hair. I have quite oily routes but because my hair is very long the ends get dry and matted with not much difficulty. I found that this did wonders for my routes: there was no oil on my scalp and my hair didn't fall flat around my face. It created quite a 'messy' look as well which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea but it is mine, so pffft. However: it did really dry out my ends and caused the tangles of my life. I found myself using a really thick conditioner (i.e. a hair mask) each use to balance out the un-oiling of my hair.

Another negative I'll point out: my hair went back to brunette really really quickly whilst using this. Which isn't a problem if your hair isn't colour treated, but mine is highlighted using henna which fades anyway but it would usually last longer than this. The drying out didn't bother me because as long as I balance it out with a good conditioner it worked wonders on my greasy scalp, but the ripping of my faux redheadiness is a deal-breaker.

Though, I wouldn't warn anyone off this product completely. If your hair is colour treated then I wouldn't recommend it, but if you have (really) greasy hair which is either 1) short or 2) you're willing to balance it out by using a strong conditioner on your hair then by all means give it a whirl.


25 November 2013

Fur, studs, pleather and the SECC

After myself and Hayley attended the Country Living Fair it was only fitting that we went outside and had a pose outside one of Glasgow's landmarks. I purposely wore a mostly brand new outfit that day because I really am that sad, but also because I was yet to wear everything I bought during my most recent haul. Some of the pieces you might already recognise from last winter, but the two new pieces are my top and my boots.

I picked up the top from the maternity section of New Look. I'm a big fan of having a wonder through the non-obvious parts of the store for new items, and on the same shopping trip I picked up two wooly jumpers from the Generation range (for £10 each). The top comes down far enough that it is in the 'is this a top or dress?' grey area (because it is meant for women with a heavy mid-section) so I decided to tuck into one of my favourite pieces ever: my H&M pleather skirt from last winter.

My shoes are from New Look (because that's where I seem to buy everything) and they were the only boot I found that matched all my criteria: smart enough to be worn to work, flat because I walk to work, casual enough that I can wear them elsewhere and still in a design I like. They are mega comfy and they've barely been off my feet since I bought them earlier this month.

And to finish here is a picture of the ears on my hood (clearly this isn't my 'posed' face):

Lots of November love x


24 November 2013

In This Week

Raspberry Rudolph mulled cider // went to see The Butler // happy me // press pass // Chistmas presents half sorted // peaches and cream cupcakes

I've had a fairly busy week as I've been making a larger effort to be more of an 'initiator' as opposed to someone who waits for other people to make plans (as I have been for most of my life). On Wednesday night I grabbed two pals and headed to the St Enoch Christmas Fair to drink some mulled cider (and what good mulled cider it was) and gorge on some food. I bought the cheese to end all cheese: Snowdonia's Red Devil cheese with pepper and chili crushed through it. And also had far too much fun at the pick and mix stall purchasing random flavours of fudge. Afterwards, we made use of an Orange Wednesday code and headed along to see The Butler, which was drop-dead amazing. It's set during the civil rights movements in the USA and even though I wouldn't call myself much of a history buff it was easy to follow and I was laughing at the choice of actors to play presidents (Severus Snap makes an appearance as Raegan, sorry but you'll never be Alan Rickman to me). 

Friday I took the day off work to head along to the Country Living Christmas Fair with Hayley for some snooping around with press badges. I got some Christmas shopping out the way from Arran Aromatics and Gillian Kyle but had to restrain myself from buying anything for myself (though I discovered several new smaller brands that I'll be making cheeky purchases from once the season of giving is out the way). Afterwards we went for a bit of Christmas shopping and stopped by Bar Soba for some amazzzingggg grub (full post soon but it was seriously some of the best grub this side of Scotland). Yesterday I slowed down, went for a morning run but came back exhausted and stayed in bed watching Sabrina all day (I'm now onto Season 3) and the odd Buffy/Angel episode (I've just started the point where the two shows overlap). And today I did the exciting duties of food shopping and laundry which I rewarded myself with by making peaches and cream cupcakes (note: oat cream doesn't thicken the same way cows cream does). 

And I'll stop speaking, got to get some more errands done before work tomorrow. 

Lots of mulled cider love!


23 November 2013

Country Living Christmas Fayre

Yesterday, me and my pal Hayley from Water Painted Dreams were invited along to put on press badges and attend the The Country Living Christmas Fayre in Glasgow. As a lover of food, quirky accessories and supporting small businesses, Christmas Fayres are one of my favourite things about this time of year and I absolutely loved all what the stalls had to offer.

I'm a bit skint until pay day so my only purchases were gifts for other people, but believe me if I was rolling in it I would have bought something from just about every stall. But alas, I am on a graduate budget however here are some photos of what was on offer:

As always, all photos from the event can be found on my Facebook page

Some of the stall that did catch my eye and I think people should check out include Gillian Kyle Ltd, Susan Gray's, Arran AromaticsSusan McGill Designs, Summer Harvest, Flossy Teacake, All That's Delicious, >Miss IntegriTea, Live Native, Coole Swan, and Caurnie Soaperie

Even though I couldn't afford to buy something from every stall these are brands that I am planning to part with money for in the future (and some I did buy a Christmas present from, but shhhh). I'm a big supporter of indie and small businesses but still love to look at purchases before I buy so these kind of events are perfect for me to hunt out something unique and not on the high street. 

The fayre is open for one more day tomorrow, but it is well worth a look. You do need to pay to get in but on the other side many brands were offering discounts and you get to have a look at products from brands that don't yet have a physical shop. I got in for free but I would definitely consider going back as a paying visitor. 


19 November 2013

Stripes and a lizard

Almost two weeks ago it was my 23rd birthday, and to celebrate I swished about in a dress in front of a camera. I kid, I kid. But my party did mean I had someone on hand to take pictures (I broke my tripod in early summer and haven't bothered to replace it) of my dress and jewelry pieces.

The dress itself was bought in the sale section of New Look having originally been an Apricot design. For some reason I seem to have grown into black a lot this year - not sure why, I've never been a 'black dress' kinda gal. Maybe it's my age creeping up on me.

I remember buying the lizard necklace back in 2010 from the Next summer sale (I even added my haul picture to Flickr haha) and it has remained one of my favourite necklaces since. However being a gold necklace with a sparkly lizard on the end it does mean that it doesn't really go with that much, but I felt this somewhat simple black dress would be a good backdrop for it.

My nails are painted with a Barry M shade. When I was trying this dress on a few days prior I knew blue was the shade I wanted on my nails, but I only owned navy and baby blue so I rushed out to buy some specially (trying my hardest to ignore all the other shades that were calling out to me!) but it's my new favourite shade which has yet to budge from my talons.

After the drunken outfit photos were taken (I take outfit photos seriously, clearly) we headed to The Garage but he's a super smiley one of me first:

Lots of lizard and drunken smiles love (this is my final birthday post, promise)


17 November 2013

In This Week

                            Cuddly socks // vegan pizza // pigging out // Body shop advent calender // bubble baths // first run in months

I'm all snuggled up in my bed right now and I think it's safe to say that winter is well and truly underway. I don't like jumping on the Christmas wagon until December but I am definitely getting the feeling that it is close and I already know what I want to get each of the people I buy for every year. I'm also beginning to think about new years eve plans and what goals I might set for 2014, whilst trying to push myself to achieve the last of my 2013 goals. 

My week in general has been quite standard and grown-up. I did stop by the St Enoch square market whilst on my trip to Tesco, and whilst it's the same stalls as most years it's still one of my favourite things about Glasgow at Christmas. I didn't stay long as I have planned to meet up with some friends there on Wednesday to sit down with some beers and watch them eat German sausages whilst I hunt out some veggie goodness. Next week at work will only be a four day week for me as I am heading to the Country Living Fair (and I am looking oddly forward to this for a 23 year old) at the SECC with my darling Hayley before we eat out in the evening at one of Glasgow's restaurants. 

Lots of winter love!


16 November 2013

Birthday at Bier Halle

Last Sunday marked my 23rd birthday, and to celebrate me and some of my nearest and dearest headed to Bier Halle in Glasgow - whilst nursing our hangovers from a night in The Garage. I could barely function due to my hangover and part of me would have enjoyed watching more Sabrina from my sofa but alas I dragged myself along. But I did end up almost having a nap in the corner.

My hangover from the night before did prevent me from trying their enormous range of foreign beers (I may take Papa Mo here during his next Glasgow joint) and I only had energy to take a couple of photos of pizzas and didn't venture from our corner booth (we were the very last table) to take photos of the rest of the place.

So here are two photos of pizzas:

I had the goats cheese pizza (the one you can see in the bottom photo) whilst the other pizzas going about are margarita, hoi sin duck, haggis, chorizo, and spicy sausage. All the pizzas were on a thin crispy base that felt very 'real' and authentic and not like someone had been meticulously shaping them in the kitchen.

I'd really like to return here another time, maybe a time when I can stomach the thought of a beer.


15 November 2013

The Linkables

All too familiar from my time at university (especially when spent around the sports teams).

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A Buzzfeed article ranking every single episode of Buffy - such productive use of time and research.

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Scotland named manliest nation, erm, okay.  

My friend Alan wrote a blog on useless councils haha

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If you're looking for new desktop wallpaper, Design Love Fest has some pretty ones.

The final pitches to win the UK City of Culture happened yesterday and next Wednesday I'll find out if Dundee got it (I'm pissed that the BBC piece didn't mention the games sector though!)

A Highland Fling has to be one of new favourite blogs - check out those photos!

Another cute blog I found this week

Some stylish Christmas jumpers

Bloggers that don't declare freebies or paid features: the ASA has released a warning aimed at you.


13 November 2013

The Body Shop seaweed skin care range

I've touched briefly on this range before but the Seaweed skin care range for oily/combination skin from The Body Shop is one of my all time favourites. I have stated several times that I think TBS is very hit or miss with their products, but for me this range is a complete hit. I had tried the Tea Tree range for 'spot-prone' skin (which is the kind of description I'm drawn to) but the toner made me break out. (Whattt?)

Seaweed Mattifying Lotion SPF 15

I was first given this as a present for my 20th birthday and I have been re-purchasing it ever since. It first landed itself on my birthday wishlist because I had read even in this country we should be using SPF (the small scar on my right cheek is now virtually invisible after I took this advice) but finding an SPF moisturiser that also worked on oily skin (and then add my later lifestyle change to cruelty-free into the mix) was proving difficult. It's very light so I'm putting it aside until the winter months are over, but I'll definitely be revisiting when March roles back in.

Seaweed Clarifying Toner

I'll admit, I'm not a big toner person. Having never really noticed a big different between using one and not using one, I've went periods without owning one. But I've heard they're important so I pick one up on occasion. This product hasn't made my skin break out and my skin looks roughly the same but what I have loved using this for is removing make-up. If I have a full on night face then I require something stronger but for the quick removal of my work make-up this does just nicely.

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

I currently have three facemasks in rotation (this, Cupcake from Lush and the FC5 mask from Arbonne) and this is the one I use when my skin needs to get told and I have a range of spots that need controlled. It dries very quickly and into a hard clay, so is over quickly. Be prepared to use a thick moisturiser afterwards though!

Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

I've played with the idea of using a night cream for some time but given how oily my skin is naturally I don't think it would do much for me. And all this oil will pay off when I'm 50 and look 35 so wrinkles aren't in my skin time worries book. This product however hits a better checklist for me. It provides a product to help my skin during the time when my skin will naturally rejuvenate itself but instead of adding moisture to fight wrinkles it balances my skin to fight spots. I wake up with soft skin, but not in an oily way, just soft. And it doesn't have that 'wash-off' feel that some night treatments have.


12 November 2013

Top 5: favourite countryside activities

For most of last week I spent my time up at my parents' house in Aberdeenshire. Whilst I do definitely love the hustle and bustle of a city, it is nice to get away from it all and return to the village I spent most of my upbringing in. I'd choose a city over countryside almost every time I am asked, but I am adamant that there is more to do there than get stuck behind a tractor, make friends with cows or look at fields. 

Go for a run without anyone seeing

I mentioned in my countryside living post when I was at my parents' house post-graduation (but pre-Glasgow) it was nice to go for a run or a bike ride without seeing a sole. Running though Glasgow Green does keep me disciplined about keeping up my pace because people-can-see-me. But it's nice to be able to put on a pair of joggers with whatever top I wore to be bed and go for a run, because the occasional dog walker isn't going to really care. 

Go for a drive

When booking my driving test, I went for the last test of the day so I wouldn't have to face the roundabouts and traffic lights of Aberdeen City and to this day I still haven't been anywhere closer to the city centre than the hospital. I don't have a car in Glasgow so one of the first things I'll do after waking up in the shire is go for a scoot about in the car in the place where traffic lights aren't known. 

Go for a spooky walk

If you're in the country you're bound to find an old creaky abandoned house somewhere. There's about three hovering on the outskirts of my village. One of them scares the begeebies out of me. It's not entirely boarded up, about a mile away from the closest village, has a mansion (ish) house nearby, surrounded by trees, an unkempt back garden, fields with farm animals in the surroundings and several other horror films cliches. If I felt the need to film some kind of Blair Witch Project knock-off it would be here...

Go for a regular walk

And breath in the clean air.

Look at the stars

Because you can actually see them out here. 

Do any of you live near countryside? What is your favourite thing to get up to?  

11 November 2013

Las Iguanas Aberdeen

When I was shopping in Aberdeen last week I decided I wanted to stop in by an Aberdeen cafe for lunch. I was looking for a quaint off-beat place but independent places don't ever seem to last long here and after a hunt around the Belmont Street area I decided to give in and go towards Union Square. The restaurants in Union Square are the usual cluster of TGI Fridays et al that you get in 'quay' areas but one or two different ones had popped up, including the Latin American restaurant Las Iguanas.

Having been impressed by the prices and the vegetarian selection (rare for a Mexican place) I opted for their lunch deal where you can get a slightly smaller portion, and add in a starter either for £1.50 or £2.90. It was quite empty whilst I was in and I spent some time ooh-ing over the menu as the selection was so good it took me a while to decide which dishes to get.

For starters, I opted for the veggie empada with a brie & mango filling with corn & sweet chili salsa.

And for mains I went for, the "the full enchilada" with roast butternut squash, roasted red peppers, spinach & gooey cheese. I know it doesn't look that appetising in the picture but believe me it was delish! 

After all this I was still hungry and having been impressed by the meal so far I decided to have a sneaky look on their dessert menu. They had quite a 'mainstream' dessert selection but I settled on the 'Affogato Cubano' which was mainly because it had some rum in it!

There was also a really impressive drinks section with all sorts of rums but I was there by myself, during the afternoon, having a three course meal and taking photos of it so decided I probably shouldn't draw too much attention to myself. But I would love to return to this place - it looks like it would be perfect for a birthday meal or just a good place to come with friends in the evening.


10 November 2013

In This Week

Starter at Las Iguanas // main at Las Iguanas // dessert at Las Iguanas // moonlight above Aberdeenshire // fajitas with my father // Christmas tree at my parents' house // face for Saturday night // Sabrina cures any hangover // goats cheese pizza at // Bier Halle 

Hey everyone, today is my 23rd birthday (or yesterday since I was too hungover to write on the real Sunday) and I also took this past week off work to go see my family before I returned to Glasgow for my party. Whilst up at my parents' house in Aberdeenshire I remained busy and got so much done (all my posts from last Thursday to this Wednesday have been scheduled, aside form this one, as well as working on a re-design) which was all productive in my eyes though maybe finishing season 3 of Buffy and randomly driving about the countryside in my wee Aberdeenshire car could be debatably a waste of time.

My mum has been away in Africa for a while now and on Saturday my dad headed on his plane to go meet her for a holiday in South Africa (and so she can take a break from volunteering) so I headed back to Glasgow on Friday (he's back on the 13th of December, so this is why the Christmas tree is up prematurely). For my birthday I had a night out on the Saturday where we predictably ended up in The Garage (we did think about going to The Flying Duck so we could get free toast) and on the Sunday headed to Bier Halle for some pizzas (after having spent the morning hungover watching Season 1 of Sabrina).

Lots of birthday love to you all! xx