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Stripes and a lizard

Almost two weeks ago it was my 23rd birthday, and to celebrate I swished about in a dress in front of a camera. I kid, I kid. But my party did mean I had someone on hand to take pictures (I broke my tripod in early summer and haven't bothered to replace it) of my dress and jewelry pieces.

The dress itself was bought in the sale section of New Look having originally been an Apricot design. For some reason I seem to have grown into black a lot this year - not sure why, I've never been a 'black dress' kinda gal. Maybe it's my age creeping up on me.

I remember buying the lizard necklace back in 2010 from the Next summer sale (I even added my haul picture to Flickr haha) and it has remained one of my favourite necklaces since. However being a gold necklace with a sparkly lizard on the end it does mean that it doesn't really go with that much, but I felt this somewhat simple black dress would be a good backdrop for it.

My nails are painted with a Barry M shade. When I was trying this dress on a few days prior I knew blue was the shade I wanted on my nails, but I only owned navy and baby blue so I rushed out to buy some specially (trying my hardest to ignore all the other shades that were calling out to me!) but it's my new favourite shade which has yet to budge from my talons.

After the drunken outfit photos were taken (I take outfit photos seriously, clearly) we headed to The Garage but he's a super smiley one of me first:

Lots of lizard and drunken smiles love (this is my final birthday post, promise)

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