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Fur, studs, pleather and the SECC

After myself and Hayley attended the Country Living Fair it was only fitting that we went outside and had a pose outside one of Glasgow's landmarks. I purposely wore a mostly brand new outfit that day because I really am that sad, but also because I was yet to wear everything I bought during my most recent haul. Some of the pieces you might already recognise from last winter, but the two new pieces are my top and my boots.

I picked up the top from the maternity section of New Look. I'm a big fan of having a wonder through the non-obvious parts of the store for new items, and on the same shopping trip I picked up two wooly jumpers from the Generation range (for £10 each). The top comes down far enough that it is in the 'is this a top or dress?' grey area (because it is meant for women with a heavy mid-section) so I decided to tuck into one of my favourite pieces ever: my H&M pleather skirt from last winter.

My shoes are from New Look (because that's where I seem to buy everything) and they were the only boot I found that matched all my criteria: smart enough to be worn to work, flat because I walk to work, casual enough that I can wear them elsewhere and still in a design I like. They are mega comfy and they've barely been off my feet since I bought them earlier this month.

And to finish here is a picture of the ears on my hood (clearly this isn't my 'posed' face):

Lots of November love x

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