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22 November 2013

The Linkables

What's the biggest sexual misconception you had when you were younger? [NSFW] (I used to think sanitary towel was called a condom...)

An open letter to my (imaginary) daughter about sexting.

Scotland's same sex marriage bill: How MSPs voted

For anyone interested in the Dundee music scene

Making energy less boring since 2010

Blogging advice I'm nodding my head along to

I fucking cried like a baby (and I never cry): Katy Perry and girl with autism sing Firework

Vegan Feminist Network

Confessions of a former misogynist

Recipes for singles and couples 

I'm a deadbeat on a phone: 10 tips for the telephone intimated

So, Dundee didn't get City of Culture 2017 but my pal Alan (a real Dundonain, non some pseudo like me) summed up how quite a lot us felt about the bid.

Guess where Hull is on a map (har har, I kid kid - good luck with 2017!)


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