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The Linkables

Encyclopeida of Feminism according to Harry Potter

Do you know the legal differences between living together and marriage within Scotland?

It looks as though Stila may no longer be cruelty-free

However Welsh skincare brand Consious Skincare achieved Leaping Bunny status this week (I'm still upset about Stila though)

This is something I've thought about a fair bit: how private are you really online?

The letter of all letters to The Daily Mail

I signed a petition to make it harder for people to commit suicide from the Tay Bridge (you should sign it too)

The best critique of Blurred Lines I've read thus far (as it is more real-life experience rather than a sociological academic critique)

Why, hello there breakfast tacos

Atlas Obscura is my new favouirte thing.

How about a trip the Abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park?

A blog all about magical housekeeping.

Times I wish I had more money: when I discover a hotel with a bath shaped like a martini glass.

Bolivia has a witches market...

30 non-Americans on the American norms they find weird (my own addition: why do you make your own versions of British TV but we just watch your American version?!?!)

This week I've found myself researching a lot of theory behind the 'final girl' in a horror flick.

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