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15 November 2013

The Linkables

All too familiar from my time at university (especially when spent around the sports teams).

Hello Fresh is a foodie subscription box I wasn't aware of (they do a veggie one too!).

That hilarious moment when a black talk show host gives DNA results to a white supremacist, “Hey Bro!”

A Buzzfeed article ranking every single episode of Buffy - such productive use of time and research.

The most extreme weather in the solar system

Scotland named manliest nation, erm, okay.  

My friend Alan wrote a blog on useless councils haha

The cheapskate guide to NYC

If you're looking for new desktop wallpaper, Design Love Fest has some pretty ones.

The final pitches to win the UK City of Culture happened yesterday and next Wednesday I'll find out if Dundee got it (I'm pissed that the BBC piece didn't mention the games sector though!)

A Highland Fling has to be one of new favourite blogs - check out those photos!

Another cute blog I found this week

Some stylish Christmas jumpers

Bloggers that don't declare freebies or paid features: the ASA has released a warning aimed at you.


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