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The Village Curry House

About a fortnight ago my parents came down for a weekend escapade to Glasgow. As usual my mum offered up her pennies for us to go and work ourselves into a food coma at somewhere of my choosing. This was when I was still at the height of coughing and spluttering and even though I maybe should have been in bed with soup I wasn't going to pass up the chance to discover a new food joint whilst the bank of mum was in town (discovering new restaurants is one of my favourite things, but my graduate salary doesn't quite agree).

I had walked past The Village Curry House on occasion, but honestly hadn't taken much notice of it. From the outside it had never looked like anything special and just looked like a typical Tradestone building, but I wanted somewhere close to my flat and Indian is always a winner within my family.

The inside was beautiful and the food was delicious. Everything seemed authentically Indian (I say seemed, I've never been to India) which was to be confirmed by the Indian customers who had chosen to eat there the same night.

(I was seated in the very middle so I apologies for the phone camera pictures, felt a bit self-conscious getting the DLSR out).

Me and my mum shared the vegetarian platter for starters whilst my dad had the chicken pakora. The massive vegetable you see right down the middle is a chili, which was a lot more subtle than the the usual chilies that have me gushing down a jug of water.

Then for my main I chose the mushroom baji. I did take some time to decide which option to get as the menu uses the Indian names which I wasn't familiar with so I spent some time Googling the dishes on my phone. When ordering I was asked if I wanted it medium or hot, of which I picked medium and even though my tolerance has went up recently I'm still a korma girl are heart. But because this was authentic their definition of spicy certainly wasn't mine ;) Just a warning...

The drinks you see are the traditional lassi, which is the only thing I order when I go to an Indian.

We also had some naans, because no food is better than a good naan and the village curry house and several variations.

Top marks to The Village Curry House for authentic Indian food, top decor (they had sparkly floors in the toilets) and really helpful staff. I'd still say Mama Rosais is my favourite Indian in Glasgow, but The Village Curry House is still a great Indian for those of us on the Southside!

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