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11 October 2013

The Linkables

A prime example of what is wrong with some people: stupid complaints made to Thomas Cook.

The i before e except after c rule is a farce.

I wouldn't say getting fired is a good career move but your next recruiter might love you for it.

Charlotte wrote a lovely piece on first university experiences and feeling homesick after moving away.

The 16 customers that bar staff should be allowed to legally stab in the kidneys.

46 times Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson proved they belong together

10 unusual jobs that pay surprisingly well

Waitrose mark out their vegetarian wines

I am either an INTJ or ISTJ, depending on which quiz I take, the first of which is very rare for a female.

What the cast of Lizzie McGuire are doing now

I found this by accident but it is about a base in my old high school that offers support to autistic youngsters and how one persons life has changed because of it.

A breakfast themed pizza

Playing with someones preferred name is one of my social pet hates and I love that this etiquette response to someone having trouble making people use her full name is just to correct them

Ugandan Minister of Ethics and Integrity says men raping girls is natural. Obviously.

An honest look at how motherhood changes womens' bodies

Anyone seen The Saturdays newest video? Anyone notice that they are badly hiding Frankie's pregnancy bump? This is pretty much how I reacted to it

Brides Throwing Cats is a hilarious Tumblr blog doing the rounds. 


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  1. Thank you so much for including my post, Morag! Brides Throwing Cats has made my day x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels


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