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The Linkables

Top Ten Community Arts Projects

I'm getting more and more tempted to add Minneapolis to my wonderlust list

How do you find the people that are right for you? Hint: it’s all about energy.

I love the sound of the plans for the DNA Glasgow.

Butternut Squash and hazelnut lasagna.

It's only a few days away: Halloween dessert ideas.

It's also only 16 days until I turn 23, and apparently it's not as crap as it appears.

I stayed up past midnight this week researching Christmas dinner ideas: this is one thing I found.

As someone who has moved a lot I appreciated this post.

Amy wrote an amazing post on living with both a physical disability and a mental illness.

Police quiz immigrant family on parentage of ‘confused ginger man’ HAHA - probably shouldn't read if you're a royalist ;) 

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