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The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver

I had always ignored the Vitamin C range from The Body Shop. Despite my break-outs and maybe some dry patches in the winter dull skin was never anything I was plagued with. However last payday I fancied trying some new Body Shop goodies and it was a 3 for 2 weekend but when it came to picking up my third purchase I hit a standstill. None of my current make-up was close to running out and I had just stopped by Lush to pick up a new solid shampoo plus my classic favourites Herbalism and Cupcake. So I was stalled.

The shop assistant was helpful and went through most of the range. I knew I wanted make-up but wasn't sure which. That is when she directed me towards this product, which despite not being a traditional make-up product actually is used for priming the skin (at London Fashion Week). I thought it sounded odd enough to try.

She put it on the back of my hand and yes it did have the same smoothing effect that a traditional primer would have. The smell (citrusy) did put me off as we all know I hate a strong smelling product. But thankfully the smell did fade from my hand within the next 20 minutes.

I have been using this product for most of the last fortnight and have been impressed. When it comes to primers I have only ever been impressed by products that are over £20; the high street ones have just never ticked any boxes for me. This isn't however going to give Too Faced, or Arbonne (review here), or Mac (boo!) a run for their money anytime soon as these products are still better, but Skin Reviver does pack a fair punch for its £14 price tag.

I found that my foundation did last longer on my skin wearing this underneath when compared to a bare face - not all day but the bulk of my make-up would still be on by midday (after having applied it at 8am) and by the time I got to bed some of it would have slid off but I certainly didn't have a bare face either.

If you can afford one of the more expensive primers I would still say go for it. But if you are on a budget and still really want a primer but a £20 primer really isn't within your paycheck, then this is one hell of a little fella for your make-up collection.

morag | mo adore
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1 comment:

  1. The Body Shop appears all over your blog but they are NOT cruelty free! They are owned by L'oreal, whom you probably know regularly test on animals. By supporting TBS you are supporting cruelty and animal testing, whether you want to or not.


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