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Vegan food in Aberdeen at Foodstory Café

foodstory vegan cake and salad

Something I love about my adopted-home of Glasgow is that it's an easy place for a non-meat eater like me to find some grub. So much that the place was named the UK's most vegan friendly city by a certain animal rights group that I don't like and will go unnamed. However I spend trips back to my actual home town slightly more hungry as Aberdeen hasn't quite caught on to the vegan trend (from what I can see anyway). However, when I was having a nosey at Christy's Aberdeen foodie map I came across Foodstory Café to which has answered some of my Aberdonian vegan prayers.

Foodstory is a small independent café located on Thistle Street (near the orthodontist that so many Aberdonians seem to recall from their teenage years) and they literally do tell the 'story' of the food they sell. They have boards up detailing where their suppliers are located and they mark out gluten-free options, raw options and - what's important to me - vegan options. Food labelling at its finest.

food story aberdeen menu

My mum was with me and even though she's not vegan she is supportive of local businesses and ethical shopping. We went in on a Thursday afternoon but the café was still very bustling for this time of day (and year) with a wide range of customers from business people from nearby offices and school kids out on lunch.

I'm not used to standing in a café struggling to choose but with so many vegan options available (and teas and teas) I held up the queue a bit. And when I say plenty of options I'm primarily referring to the cakes as there were several vegan slices on their counter. However I settled on a raw chocolate cake and an almond slice topped with avocado-based cream. This was first time trying a raw cake and it tasted exactly like actual cocoa powder and is a very acquired taste.

Foodstory green tea

I can't remember the name of salad we picked but they were beautiful, especially the one that I believe might have been satay style. We also kept it simple and went for a green tea to share which came in a super cute filter jug with a timer so we knew when it had brewed.

As regular readers will know I'm not up in Aberdeen all that often, and my knowledge of the local foodie scene is very limited. Maybe there are lots of vegan-friendly places nestled about and I'm just unaware of them. However, I know Foodstory is popular with a range of people - such as Christy of Dinner Stories and quite a few Aberdonian friends from school etc have liked the page on Facebook.

You should all go stuff your face full of food served with its own story.

Morag x
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