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The Linkables

A reminder on the importance of small gestures.

An old Guardian article on how unrecognised women's sport is (using netball as it's main example).

Also, go Jessica Ennis for standing up to rape culture!

I found this really good article on National Collective that asks 6 questions of a potential Yes Alliance.

And some background on Nicola Sturgeon.

8 ways a notebook can change your life.

I'm a big believer in the difference between giving up and just deciding something isn't for you any more, and this post is perfect on learning the art of letting go of dreams.

My USA obsession continues with a look at this rural Alaskan town.

Also related: rural post offices in America.

Some dispute that Victorians created the first vibrator.

A word on grammar school's being kind of shit.

Unilever have been dicks to an independent brand, and it's backfired.

No, we don't need to re-brand feminism for the men.

Vegan comedian Sara Pascoe wrote about why she's vegan (includes links to further reading).

My new favourite phone app.

Adding the word etymology to any search in Google provides you with that word's origin (see water as an example).

Top 25 solo female travel bloggers to follow in 2015.

How to be a backpacker...without looking like  backpacker.

Women document what they were wearing when they were catcalled.

I'm not into heavy metal so cannot comment, but there's something on homophobia in the metal community.

London is getting a cereal café.

Ever wondered what a Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Grease mash-up would sound like? Of course you have.

When panorama photography goes wrong. Haha.

Sorry I murdered everyone, I'm an introvert. Also, Ravenclaws are better than Gryffindors.

I hope this is satire, I'm certainly sure it isn't though.

This is satire, though I wish it was real.

Natalie Bennett explains what she thinks is behind the recent #GreenSurge.

Believe it or not, I used to reject femininity because I believed it to be more 'feminist'. This piece by a tom-boy explains why rejecting femininity is quite problematic.

Though I relate to this Glamour piece on what the worst guy I dated taught me  it reminded me why promoting healthy relationships is one of my main feminist issues.

Annnnd, Positions for sex at your parents house (NSFW).

Morag x
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