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31 May 2013

The Linkables

Food stuff (kind of): 42 flowers your can't eat

An article I was really glad to read: You don't have to be local (I grew up in a village which has a strong community but I never had interest in taking part, and occasionally felt guilty about it).

Vivienne Westwood and Virgin Travel have hooked up!

How to glitter a concrete floor.

17 signs you've been together too long.

I'm big on businesses using social media, but some businesses should just stay off it. Such as funeral homes.

Texting hurts your grammar.

I couldn't really ever say Missouri was high on my to-travel list, but I think this museum has changed my mind

And people wonder why I don't want kids: creepy things kids say.

Over and out!


29 May 2013

How I Looked: Floral Glaswegian

As I mentioned at the end of last week my mum was in town and as part of her West End tour I made her take photos of me 'round the back of Suchiehall Street. It's okay, we're in Glasgow so we'll just look like vain tourists!

This is one of the two dresses I quickly picked up in New Look on the day of the INAA awards announcement night without even trying on. But for my walk about town with Mummy Mo I decided it was time to try it on.

The dress is really floaty and you might spot in the second photo that I'm holding it down slightly. That is because the split at the side can really split and leave not much to the imagination, if you get what I mean.

The back (as you can see) also had a split and could show most of my back (and bra) if the wind blew a certain way. Hence why I chucked on the denim jacket. You know, for modesty.

These two rings are from my favourite Dundee boutique Maggie's Farm, however I have seen similar rings popping up in other Scottish shops of a similar nature (even Sloan's Market). The star one used to have a circus lion on top (best description I could think of) but I lost it heading out to do an outfit post last February. Boo!

But that was the same weekend I purchased the seven dwarfs knuckleduster.

And let's be honest, I don't think I'll ever own a ring as great as the seven dwarfs knuckleduster.


27 May 2013

Dinner at Mama's Rasoi

As I mentioned yesterday, my mum was in G-town over the weekend and she offered to take my out for dinner at a place of my choosing. I hit up where I came across a few choices but fell in love when I came across the Mama's Rasoi menu which had a ma-ooh-sive veggie selection. Plus, it's near my flat so it totally won the ooh-ing and ahh-ing over restaurants conundrum pretty quick. 

Mama's Rosa is an Indian situated right beside the St Enoch Centre, on Howard Street. It's small and has a very cosy feel so was a really good choice for a mother and daughter dinner. 

After drooling over the unlimited (slight exaggeration) veggie selection I went for the Malai Kofta. The combination of cottage cheese balls in a cashew nut sauce wasn't something I had ever come across before but cheese and cashew nuts are two of my favourite things and let me tell you, it was delicious! My mum also had a Paneer Mushroom Masala, and even though she liked it she agreed mine was the bees knees!

Along with our meal we has some absolutely delectable garlic naan bread, alongside some rice and two glasses of Mango Lassi which was to die for. My mouth is watering again writing all this. 

If it isn't clear I 100% ridiculously recommend Mama's Rasoi. The only thing I will say is the portions are pretty small so buy two curry's if you're hungry. But at their prices two curries will still cost less than a tenner. Nae bother. It was mum-friendly, and I'd say it would also be perf for a couple who had been together for a while and two girlfriends going for a chinwag.

Also, they are not licensed but you are welcome to bring your own. 


26 May 2013

In This Week

As usual, I was working all the way through this week however my weekend saw a bit more activity as Mummy Mo was in town for a bit. She was in Edinburgh for most of the week at the Church of Scotland high commission thingy mybob (or something...) and came across to G-town as I finished work on Friday. We went out for a lovely Indian (review coming next week) and then walked around Glasgow Green before heading back to mine. It was a lovely sky that night and I managed to get some beautiful photos. 

The next day we wondered into the West End primarily so I could visit Grassroots Organics for one last time before it shuts. Most of the really weird nichey foods had been taken but I did grab some vegan suet so I can hopefully make my own Scottish fruit puddings for breakfast which is one food I have really missed. The photo above was also taken from a 'fashion shoot' me and my mum did round the back of Suchiehall Street. Check the bug eyes.

After she left for Aberdeen I snuggled down to watch the second Bridget Jones movie. I love the first, which I have seen multiple times, but I had never seen the second. Needless to say it didn't disappoint.


25 May 2013

Dundee Delights: Kage Nightclub

I started my Dundee Delights series over year ago just as I entered my final semester of university. It was designed to showcase some of the hidden gems I had discovered during my time at Abertay in a city that, for the most part, isn't particularly cosmopolitan. However the end of the coursework push meant I had no time to blog about these places before my departure and I didn't see any point in continuing the series after I moved away. 

However I'm still in Dundee more than I originally thought I would be and in recent months I've been Twitter canoodling with some Dundee-based bloggers. I admittedly wouldn't live in Dundee again and I wouldn't generally recommend it but due to certain life circumstances such as a particular uni course, a job, or a spouse, you may find yourself living there and might want to find the diamonds in the rough. But saying that there are still some places (and people, duh!) that I miss. 

And one of these places is Kage Nightclub (yes, I am now moving onto the point of this post).

Dundee doesn't have the numerous nightclubs that the other Scottish cities have. And a regular compliant I hear is the lack of 'niche' clubs (or somewhere that doesn't play dance music). But if you look they are there and Kage nightclub is one of them. Kage nightclub is situated opposite the Dundee Bus Station on St Andrews Lane, the lane beside Out and Soul. I admittedly didn't even know this place existed until I was in my second year of university (I believe it opened a year before I started) and didn't even end up there until my last few months of living in Dundee. 

As I mentioned it's niche and if you know me at all you'll be assuming it's the pop-punk former MySpace kid niche. However it has various club nights including Asylum for the metal-heads, Irie Lion Sound for the reggae loving types, and Warped which is for those of us who wish MySpace was still a thing. 

Other reasons I love it:
  • It is £4 entry (cheap by even Dundee standards)
  • Drink prices don't increase to make up for the cheap entry
  • Boys who wish to court me ask my name and buy me a drink, instead of grinding up behind me
  • The music isn't so stupidly loud you need to cusp your friend's ear to say you need the bathroom or shout at the barstaff
  • It's difficult to lose your friends
  • You can turn up looking like a goth, stereotypical fashion blogger or regular person and no one looks twice 
  • Eighteen year olds and thirty year olds party away beside each other, and again no one looks twice
  • The same people show up regularly, who you genuinely get to know
For comparison my favourite club in Glasgow is The Garage and my favourite in Edinburgh is The Hive. And there are definitely similarities (one of the Kage DJ's used to DJ the Hive a few years back) and I know I'm not the only one who likes more than two of those clubs.

Also: I'll be there next weekend

One of the main reasons I'm posting about Kage this weekend is because I want to give a huge shout out to an event that is happening next weekend. My good pal Alan is making his DJ debut to raise money for the Dundee music project The Rusty Hip Collective and obviously I'm going along to cheer him on (and drink at the club's new bar). And I'd love if any beautiful Dundee readers would show some love to my favourite Scottish nightclub and Get The Funk Out (the event itself).

And yes, I did say favourite nightclub in the whole of Scottish person land. I've lived in three Scottish cities and regularly visit a fourth so I know my Scottish nightlife, and this is the best. Even better than The Hive. Blaspheme, I know. 


N.B. Photos in this post are not my own and were taken from the Kage Nightclub Facebook page.

24 May 2013

The Linkables

I like to stay out of ~internet dramaz~ but I agree with the nasty side of blogging.

Naughty American Apparel.

I love Charlene's recent wishlist (look at that cat skirt!).

Admittedly, I had been going off Gala Darling recently as it seemed she was neglecting her blog, but she's regained her momentum in the last few weeks with some awesome daily posts!

A great post on building self-esteem.

If you're going to San Francisco soon The Guardian have a round-up of blogs you might one to check out. One of the blogs is a burrito blog, I mean come on!

On that note, impress the locals with your knowledge on how San Fransisco streets got their names. (On a side note: I've not been actively Googling SF but I went there when I was six and it remains one of my favourite cities to date).

Top 10 questions millennials ask on the internet.

One of my most dedicated IRL followers got a blog: everyone go say hi to Steph!

I also discovered some Aberdonian blogs this week: The Honest Type, Liparazzi, A Scottish Lass, Twenty Something Beauty, Keeping Up With Katie and The Baking Fashionista (if you're knew to the party I was born in Aberdeen, high five to my quines!).

Another blog discovered this week: Making It Lovely.

And an online magazine aimed towards professional women: Your Coffee Break.

Finally, seven people who prove English majors aren't worthless.


23 May 2013

Things I Love Thursdays: Being Vegetarian/Vegan

I'm admittedly not a huge fan of National Vegetarian Week. It seems a little too-shove-my-views-down-your-throat for my liking, even though not eating animals is one of my most upheld morals.

However I am still a vegetarian and a blogger so it makes sense this TiLT post is dedicated towards something veggie related. So I'm going to talk about the benefits of being a veggie girl.

Even though vegetarianism brings with it pitfalls - having to decline party invites to the meat house, elderly relatives still not quite getting it and even guys of my past thinking it's a big issue - there are its benefits which may seem somewhat invisible to those who eat meat (even if they are wishing they didn't).

It forces me to try new foods
Whilst there's nothing stopping a meat-eater trying out smoked tofu and picking up a packet of cashew cheese most meat-eaters I know look at my almond milk with apprehension when they're round at my flat. I certainly never thought about trying it until I went veggie.

It's a 'me too' moment
Just like football clubs, the same home city or the same middle name, finding out someone is also a veggie creates an instant bond as you begin discussing which age we gave up meat at and whether we like Quorn or not.

Veggie dishes are cheaper
Whilst being veggie means I always have to check menus before I arrange to eat out, when I am at the restaurant the veggie dish is usually cheaper. I am still on a graduate salary after all.

Being true to myself
Along with deciding to be tee-total, voting for a niche political party, or being one half of couple that cohabits rather than marries, shunning anything that it outside the 'norm' can be daunting. But no one is ever happy pretending to be someone they're not, and being veggie makes me happy so the questions and odd looks don't bother me. 

Lots of sexy veggie love! 


22 May 2013

Dressing as Denmark at Eurovision (or Switzerland, or Netherlands)


Absolutely 100% congratulations to Denmark at this year's Eurovision. It is thanks to you I had an excuse to be a little more tipsy than usual. And might have a cheeky trip to Copenhagen next year. 

As usual I decided my country a little bit in advanced. For me picking a country for Eurovision (or any other fancy dress costume) is just sometimes about what feels right and in about February I set my eyes on Denmark - long before they were tipped to win.

This costume was bought from Jokers Masquerade which is where I get a lot of my costumes from. I was a bit apprehensive about picking this for Denmark as it is a actually a Heidi costume so would have been more suited if I had picked Switzerland but I thought it looked similar enough to some traditional Danish costumes I had Googled. The bouncer at ABC thought I was Dutch though so I suppose it is quite a versatile costume. ;)

The shoes are my default going out shoe from New Look and the Carlsberg comes courtesy of everyone's favourite British supermarket Tesco.

Did you dress up for Eurovision this year?


21 May 2013

Eurovision Party Food 2013

In case you hadn't heard Saturday was Eurovision. And I had a party which was essentially me and some friends watching the show wearing fancy dress. And some of my friends brought food which we pigged on (and also brought alcohol, which we drank up).  

Bringing food to the yearly Eurovision party me and my friend have is optional, however the year it was my turn to host I was especially lucky to have loads of my guest bring food. Gillian brought loads of French themed goodnees across from Edinburgh including strawberry macaroons, French onion dip, breadsticks, Camembert cheese, mini-quiches (both veggie and meat), crisps as well as 'champagne' and Chambord. Completely showed up my Danish pastries and Carlsberg but it all my other guests agreed she did a delish job. 

My other friend also came as Belgium and brought along waffles and chocolates, whereas my friend who was Malta brought along Malteasers. Within the mix we also had some Gin for UK, nettle cheese from the Dutch stall at last week's food stall in St Enoch square, baguettes and Swedish vodka. 

And a lot of it was also left at mine to have a cheeky hungover munch the next day. 


19 May 2013

In This Week

Howdy bloggers. How are we today? I'm currently working off my post-Eurovision hangover on my sofa with my duvet, some leftover pizza, a Lindsay Lohan film and some Deaf Havana. There is probably ten million other production things I could be doing right now but this is what I'm settling on.

As for last night my country representation of choice resulted in me drinking Carlsberg (me no likely beer) and taking a 'dirty pint'. I didn't know Denmark was tipped to win it when I picked my costume but I'm not complaining. Well, not much as I truthfully voted for Armenia.

I also broke my ABC Glasgow virginity last night, but it did nothing to remove The Garage as my number one club of Glasgow so far.

Eurovision and hangover love.


18 May 2013

A playlist of all the UK Eurovison entries on Spotify

Happy Eurovision!

I'm just about ready to go and I'm currently keeping some of my early guests entertained but I thought I would just drop by to to tell you I made a Spotify playlist of all the UK Eurovision entrants I could find.

I've been wanting to add music to my blog for a while and was going to start the series with a playlist of my favourite all time songs. But I haven't finalised that playlist yet so this is going first (since I did make it last summer).

Because Spotify still needs to add every single song ever and the UK stopped putting forward famous acts sometime ago I was only able to find twenty songs:

Believe In Me - Bonnie Tyler
Love Will Set You Free - Englebert Humperdink
I Can - Blue
Teenage Life - Daz Sampson
Even if - Andy Abraham 
Flying the Flat - Scooch
Touch My Fire - Javine
Say It Again - Precious
Just a Little Bit - Gina G
It's My Time - Jade Ewan
Hold Onto Our Love - James Fox
Love Shine A Light - Katrina and The Waves
Lonely Symphony - Frances Ruffelle
Better The Devil You Know- Sonia
One Step Out of Time - Michael Ball
Power to All Our Friends - Cliff Richard
Making Your Mind Up - Bucks Fizz
Pupper on a String - Sandie Shaw
Boom Bang a Bang - Lulu
Congratulations - Cliff Richard

You can listen to my Spotify playlist here.

All my Eurovision love!


17 May 2013

The Linkables

Tiny Twist has got to be one of the most beautiful blogs I've come across in a while. 

What's the best way to refer to a romantic partner?

Bid to censor Anne Frank's 'pornographic' diary in schools fail 

I recently gave my pal Gillian an Arbonne lipstick to try and she included it in her latest make-up look

I wrote my first ever blog post for my work this week (it's about energy suppliers so you'll be forgiven if you don't read).

Typography + sandwhiches = awesome!

Pop culture ice-creams

21 travel Tumblrs for jet-setters

100 places to visit in Canada this summer

Lexican is the website for the your vocabulary whores.

Things we don't say enough (and when to).

If you're not quite organised yet here are some ideas on serving a great Eurovision menu.

30 bizarre and creative packaging ideas. I'm calling shot-gun on the tequila gun. 

My friend just moved to London and she is so excited about the prospect of a cat cafe.

On that note: 101 reasons you need to live in London once

And finally, if you live in Glasgow, you can pick up some free condoms at the Garage on a night out. Am I the only person who finds the idea of picking up condoms from the cloakroom cringy as hell?


16 May 2013

Things I Love Thursdays: Eurovision

In case you haven't heard, Saturday is Euroision.

But because I really love Eurovision I'm watching the semi-finals as I type (did you just see the Greek entry?).

For anyone that didn't know me this time last year I really LOVE Eurovision - in an italicised, bold-end and capitalised kind of way.

What isn't to love? It's a big mix of culture, musical brilliance and class. Okay, maybe I lied. But it certainly is fun and anyone who disagrees is boring.

But it was last year's Eurovision when I put it all together and realised why Eurovision is my favourite time of year. For me personally it pulls together every single interest, hobby and weird quirk I acquire.

I'm a huge pop culture nut-case who loses respect for people who don't catch my pop culture references. So even if I did hate Eurovison I'd still watch it anyway.

I love a party, and yes I have a Eurovision party every year. With this party comes fancy dress, food, strange alcohol I might not usually drink, my favourite people and lets lose the event planner and marketing/PR person inside me without having to please a boss.

One of my geekier interests is international relations, and one of my biggest political knowledge banks is the European Union. I do say I should have studied marketing, but there was obviously a reason I applied for International Management (and actually enjoyed writing a mini-dissertation on Switzerland's relationship with the EU).

I like to pretend I'm a pretentious indie kid, but truthfully I'm usually found bouncing round my room to some atrocious pop music.

And now I'm blogging about it, so that's my internet obsession covered.

Happy Eurovision everyone!


12 May 2013

In This Week

The International Food Festival was in Glasgow this week and you can bet you're bottom dollar pound I was there. In my picture above you can see a raspberry Danish pastry, an oreo chocolate slab, a Belgium macaroon and some.....nettle cheese. Okay so the last one is a slightly 'acquired taste' (to say the least) but amongst the oddest sounding food (including beer cheese, curry cheese, bacon cheese) I'm likely to choose the oddest! (On a side note, the nettle cheese wasn't nice).

The International market also got me super-excited for next week's big big big event. Eurovision!!! My costume arrived yesterday and I am so pumped! Eurovision is my fav holiday (yes, holiday) and I behave like a kid on Christmas this time each year!

All my love!


10 May 2013

The Linkables

My new favourite blog: Witty Title Here.

I feel the pain of dressing appropriately for a formal event but still looking like 'me' and I love how well SJ has pulled it off.

If you're an avid traveller but don't have all the money have you considered AirBnB?

I love eye cream (yes, some do work) and I love avocados so an avocado eye cream is kind of my thing.

I couldn't name any cruelty-free hairsprays until today.

Lily Melrose has put together a guide on nail polish finishes.

Wild garlic and herb butter. 

We've probably all read what the douche in charge of Abercrombie & Fitch said recently, and Liberty sums up exactly how I feel.

If you want to know what panic attacks can do to someone, Sami wrote a powerful first person perspective.

The Bourjois cream blushers have been added to my beauty to-buy list.

I agree: Likes don't save lives.

Finally, a history of Crayola crayons.


9 May 2013

Things I Love Thursday: That fluttery feeling of support

My recent order for myself - including some brand new ranges. 

When I start on a new project I feel all kinds of fluttery feelings in my stomach. It's all brilliantly exciting and all these ideas come pouring in. And you know what makes this feeling better? When people around you are supportive and don't feel some kind of need to piss on your dreams. 

There's always been people who feel like its their God-given right to shit on someone else's life choices. Thankfully over the years I've become adapt at blocking out the sounds of these people. But obviously it hurts that someone in your life tells you you can't do something.

That's why since launching my Arbonne business just one month ago I've been so grateful that the kind words of support have outweighed the negatives. Nobody is yet to tell me they think it's a balls idea that I will fuck up but I've witnessed the odd raised eyebrow and negative body language. Hearing someone say they'll be quitting the 9-5 and driving a Mercedez in two years is a bit bonkers apparently. 

Bonkers, shmonkers. 

To everyone who has shown excitement, liked my recent Facebook photo of my new products or even just asked how it's going when you see me then you thank you thank you. Your words are keeping me going during the start-up phase. 

Love you!