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28 February 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Edinburgh!

As mention twice within the past week already on Saturday I took a wee trip across to Edinburgh. Also mentioned just once was that I really do quite like Edinburgh (admitedly not as much as Glasgow). 

Growing up Edinburgh was my favourite Scottish city, but that could easily just have bene because it was the one I visited the most. I remember a few of my visits growing up - my favourite story is when I insisted on going on a ghost tour when I was 11 with my mum and then ending up fainting as I didn't want to admit I was scared!

When researching post-university jobs it was a close contender for somewhere I could move to which had plenty of marketing agencies that might pay me money to faff about online all the time. But in the end I obviously chose Glasgow. 

I still do have my love affair for Edinburgh though. With several friends living in Edinburgh an excuse to visit is usually frequent and it is rare for me to pass up the opportunity. My love for Glasgow has come about because it is edgy and oozes coolness. Plus, it is Scotland shopping capital. However Edinburgh has a very romantic feel with coobled streets and independent boutiques. Plus, that castle, let's not forget the castle. And posh universities. I ocassionally feel as though I'm walking through a small Scottish town, rather than a Scottish city.

Oh, and amazing nightlife. My one trip to The Hive in 2011 was no doubt one of my favourite nights out ever. Maybe because they played Sonof Dork. Never have I came across a duff nightclub in Edinburgh. Unlike Aberdeen (cough, Priory) or Dundee (cough, Fat Sams, cough, Dundee Union).

Three cheers for my second favourite Scottish city!


27 February 2013

Scottish Bloggers Valentines Party

As you may know from my most recent In this Week post, Saturday I took a trip across to Edinburgh to attend the Scottish Bloggers Valentine Meet-up! This time it was arranged by the lovely Gillian, Juliet, Jenn and Lianne as they decided it was time some Edinburgh based bloggers hosted something! As much as I love living in Glasgow, Edinburgh is another city I adore and whilst I've never seriously entertained the idea of living there I love an excuse to hop across. Plus, I got to meet some lovely new bloggers who might not have made previous events! 

The event was hosted at Hemma Bar on Holyrood road which was It had fairly lights, properly prepared cocktails, a spiral staircase, good-looking staff (I'm sorry, but it does add to the effect) and lots of quirky, albeit hipster, details. I especially loved the videotapes up on the wall beside the toilets. Even the hip hop music they were playing impressed me and I usually can't stand R&B/rap stuff. Top marks, Hemma, top marks!

And top marks also to the organisers for the idea of Blogger Speed Dating. It is true that at blogger meet-ups you end up chatting to who you already know, who you sit beside or who you recognise so this was a great way to get around everyone. I certainly did chat to a lot more people than I usually would at meet-ups.

My usual bad luck at raffles was suspended last night as I walked away with a tote bag from Totes Amazed and a cermic workshop from Doodles. Will now doubt be blogging about those in the future!

Finallt, I'm not a large fan of image-heavy blog posts but I have uploaded all my photos onto my blog's Facebook page if you fancy a good nosey!


25 February 2013

Badger Lavender Sleep Balm

Recently I was contacted by Big Green Smile* asking if I wanted to review any of their products. Obviously being a lover of natural and organic hippy beauty I was made-up. Their site has loads of products, not just beauty ones, and I honestly considered asking for some cleaning products but decided to keep with the cruelty-free beauty theme as it was intended for the blog. 

I had been considering purchasing something to help me sleep (having looked at This Works and The Body Shop already) so was drawn to the Badger Sleep Balm. I'm not a terrible sleeper which is probably because I've stuck to some rules for so many years however since being in the 9-5 my sleeping pattern hasn't been great. I ideally need 9 hours to function properly but usually don't feel tired at 10pm at night during the week and I usually drink a can of Relentless at lunch in order to get loads of shit done so I don't have to stay late. So yes, my pattern went to fuck so I was in the market for something to help me sleep. 

Badger was a brand I was vaguely aware of but not being that much of an online shopper and not having yet located the perfect health store in Glasgow it wasn't a brand I had tried anything of before. Something that did raise my eyebrow before I tried it was that it was lavender fragranced. I don't like lavender scented stuff (weird, I know) so was concerned about this however when I received it & took my first whiff it was a very gentle lavender scent. I also wouldn't haved guessed there was ginger in it had I not read the label, so fellow ginger haters should not be put off!

As for the balm itself there is first of all a lot in the tin - so should do anyone a long time. It's is also very solid and only a thin layer comes off when you rub your fingers on it so you can never accidentally use too much. And as for that brown-yellow colour it comes off completely transparent on your skin so don't worry about a flatmate/lover/family member seeing you with yellow on your face! I personally put it most of the way over my face and also on my wrists - so all the pressure points. 

My general advice/opinion on using this is that it works in the same way a relaxing bubble bath would. It helps you relax and unwind but won't send you straight to sleep. I found that applying this around 8:30pm would slowly help relax my brain so when 10pm did come around I'd begin to easily hit the pillow. My main sleep problem is that I wake up in the middle of the night (especially on a week night when my body knows it will be work soon!) & it didn't stop that from happening. However it did help me fall back asleep on those 4am wake-up calls. 

As for using this in the future/re-purchasing I am going to continue to use this well into the future (as you get so much of it!) but think I'll buy one or two other sleep products to try alongside it (such as pillow spray) to help correct my sleep pattern (and maybe buy a duvet cover - that might help with the sleep thing). Sleep products are something that are quite new to me so I still want to try more to create some sort of benchmark as to what is a good sleep aid. But this has helped. 


* I was given this by a PR company working on behalf of Big Green Smile. I was allowed to pick my own product to review from their site and wasn't gifted this product specifically. Opinion is always my own.

24 February 2013

In This Week

Happy Sunday! How is everyone? I am currently lazing it out on my bed in yesterday's outfit. As many of you will know it was another Scottish Blogger meet-up on Saturday but this time it was in Edinburgh. Three cheers for the capital!

I'll write up a full review of the night next week but let's say it was an amazing night with lots of new faces, some excellent raffle prizes, a beautiful bar and some high-class cocktails. Despite only having four between us me and Gillian managed to lump about this morning as though we had been on a wild night out! 

On the way back from Queen Street I spotted the Sloans Market. February has been a pretty expensive month for me so I refrained from buying any of the indie jewellery. I love a chance to add to my jewellery collection or support any independent business but not this far through a month. :(


22 February 2013

The Linkables

I've been recently making a serious effort to work something into my routine that I've been meaning to do for ages: make and drink smoothies regularly! Thankfully Mandy is doing the same and coming up with some amazing recipes!

If you spotted my butternut squash risotto on Instagram last night it was this recipe I roughly followed.

More food links: 27 ways to make your groceries last longer.

It's only after I moved away from Aberdeen that I spot loads of other Aberdonian blogs popping up! And apparently there's now a trend of leaving padlocks around the city!

Another recipe to add to my to-cook list: pizza casserole with biscuits.

Let's be honest the Blogger app is balls - if I wasn't such an Android fanatic I'd download this straight on to my imaginary iPhone.

I'm still on the look-out for funky home wares and Kloe is helping.

I'm currently in the market for DLSR lenses and one of the best 'taking-your-own-outfit-photos' bloggers there is has some excellent advice.

This is the sort of guy I could marry: skateboarding through Tibet.

Very important stuff: Which musician should be Pope?


21 February 2013

Things I Love Thursday: My New Health Kick

It's no secret that I love food. And by that I mean most foods. Aside from the no meat thing I'm always looking for new foods and recipes to try (fun fact: when I did eat meat I went to Peru and eat a guinea pig HAH!). And by recipes I mean the healthiest things and also the really really worst (I do so much in one day because I consume more caffeine than should be acceptable).  

I was generally quite healthy until I entered the 9-5 at a desk job because that's when snacking can really catch up with you. And then the sweet tooth really hit me and on my weekly shop it became really difficult to walk by the sweet isle or not grab a frozen pizza. I had been healthy most of my life (even having given up junk food for about 5 months once) so I never imagined myself beoming someone who had to restrain themselves. 

I'm fairly naturally skinny only ever having been a size 12 at my largest even when I took classes at a school near a McDonalds. But recently I began to notice that my size was creeping up again after having been slipping into size 8 clothes last summer. It isn't noticeable to other people but I could see that bumps were forming and my formally toned arms were losing their muscle. 

I know that I am certainly not large by any means. But these slight changes in my body were the wake-up call that I needed to change back to my old healthier ways now before I did begin to hit the overweight margin. Everyone's optimal dress size and weight is different (don't believe the BMI hype) and I certainly was edging away from what was healthy for me. I aim to be healthy and recently I really hadn't been. 

In the last few weeks I've been making a conscious effort to drink more water and my skin has been so thankful for it. I'm also keeping fruit at my desk instead of crisps and I feel so much less bloated and concentrate so much better. I'm also taking in my own lunch (make double portions for dinner and keep the rest for lunch!) so I now know where everything is coming from. Already I feel good!

Also I've given up ice-cream (and Pinterest!) for Lent. That is much more difficult than you think. 


20 February 2013

How I Looked: Bonnie Bling & a Black Dress

I first found out about Bonnie Bling through Claire's blog (I have discovered so many indie brands through her blog) and first mentioned the company on my own blog as part of my Christmas gift guide for redheads and gingers. I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their jewellery since then but couldn't decided. The ginger necklace I never bought for myself as I am more red/auburn and not even natural so obviously it would have been fraudulent to wear. Then there was the Aberdonian slang necklaces that I loved but us Doric quines may as well speak Martian to the rest of Scotland so a FIT necklace would just make me look arrogant in Glasgow.

Then I spotted the release of the Ecosse necklace on their Facebook page and just knew I needed it in my life! So I bought it. And debuted it (yes, debuted it) on a trip back to Dundee last week.

Needless to say I love it. Anyway on to the rest of the outfit.

It's not usual to see me in an outfit that is 80% black but it's not too normal to work an outfit around a necklace either. When I rocked up to Dundee in this number my friend said to me "What is with the black? You're usually colourful!" which pretty fair enough if you consider that I graduated in a pink neon dress.

I am trying to introduce more subtle pieces into my wardrobe as I have so many accessories and bits of smaller clothing adorned with lovely patterns and sparkly bits but would clash with my main clothing items, which also have bold colours, lovely patterns and sparkly bits. You see my dilemma? I'm trying to balance it all out so there aren't beautiful scarfs that go unworn anymore. It's economical, see?

I had originally tried this dress on in Primark about two weeks earlier searching for a smart black dress for work (to pair with a leopard print blazer) but decided against it because it was floaty and really wasn't work attire. But went straight back to buy it for this necklace ensemble. It also has some lace detailing across the back of my shoulders which is a lovely touch but the jacket (which I have owned for about a year from New Look) covers it in this situation.

I first spotted these style of shoes in a Fleurdeforce video and I really wasn't sold. They were the type of clothing that when you see by themselves you think "who would wear that?" but when I spotted them worn and styled on someone else (I believe it was this picture of Nubby, Gala and Kat) I decided I did really 'need' a pair. 

But be warned - I bought these in a rush as the clock was ticking for my Dundee trip so didn't shop around. These Primark babies aren't comfortable so search out a different pair. My feet were killing after the nightclub (okay so I did jump about and do air guiter on the floor, but shhhhh, it was all the shoe!) and ended up sitting down in the ground outside as people said their drunken goodbyes to each other (classy lady that I am).


18 February 2013

Amie Skincare: Morning Clear Wash & Morning Dew Moisturiser

Amie Skincare via Beauty without the Beasts*

Just before the end of last year Beauty Without the Beasts sent out a request for anyone wanting to review three of their skin care ranges. I jumped on it and they selected me to one of the people to review the Amie range which I selected as it is meant for oily skin. I'm big on skincare and I am always on the look out for products that might be the holy grail for my spotty skin.

First off this is a fully natural product which is a huge selling point for me (we knew that though?) and was created by a mum for her daughter who couldn't use harsh perfumes and the like. I don't have sensitive skin but I've always found that natural products have always kept my 'teenage' skin in its place more so than, say, anything from the Clean & Clear range. Even though it's rare for perfumed and non-natural products to cause irritation I did notice that this felt very soft on my skin when applying it and caused no redness after washing (which can happen). At first use the softness of the wash felt really weird as it a cream which I'm not used to and had no form of exfoliators in it, which again is different from most products suited to oily skin. 

The facial moisturiser was also similar when I first used it. Really creamy which was surprising for a matte-finish moisturiser. But it certainly did leave a matte but a super soft skin effect - an amazing balance! The moisturiser was definitely more of a hit for me - the facial wash was good but not groundbreaking. However the only thing that would be stop me from buying this with my own money is that there is no SPF. I don't think I've ever reviewed anything suncare based so you might not be aware that I take sun protection ultra seriously - if like me you have some kind of scar on your face (or any skin that is a bit thinner than the rest of it) then using SPF daily is one of the best things you can ever do for minimising it. 

As for the condition of my skin I found that it made my skin really baby soft. I've said before that my skin has a lot of natural softness but I like to use moisturisers to make it absolutely beautifully soft and these products have definitely delivered that. As for breakouts their occurrence remained similar to normal and I've seen not much change either way. 

Overall the facial wash was really soothing to use but as I seen little change to my break out levels I'll just say it was okay. Not terrible but nothing worth shouting about, however the moisturiser ticked so many boxes aside from that SPF one. I tell no lie when I say that using an SPF was one of the best decisions I ever made for my skin - it calmed redness down as none of it was now being brought on by sun damage and my operation scar (my right cheek bone if you want to really stare) went from you could see it if my skin went red for some reason (sunburn!) or you looked at me from the correct angle to other people only spotting it if I pointed it out. If it wasn't for that I would seriously look into re-purchasing it. 

* These products were sent to me for free by Beauty and the Beasts for review.

17 February 2013

In This Week

I was certain that this week would just a be a same old kind of week, but did any of you other Glasgow bloggers witness the sunshine? Being the true Brit I am I saw this above freezing temperature as a reason to wear a denim jacket and go for a stroll. Then come home and cook dinner with the balcony door wide open.   I really love sunshine and it brings such a lease of life to me when I can sense Spring coming forward. 

I was originally going to head out today to pick up some new tights and do the weekly shop (woooo!) but decided to jaunt into Merchant City to spy up some non high-street stores. Every other time I've ventured into Merchant City it's been on a horrible wet or cold day & I maybe didn't appreciate the amazingness of the East End of Glasgow. There are lines of cafe and restaurants with balcony's and outdoor seating which in the sunshine gave it some European charm and allowed me to reminisce of some travels. I'm still like a kid on Christmas when it comes to discovering new nooks within Glasgow. 

Also, I added to my bedroom decor this week in the form of a cuckoo clock. Yes, a cuckoo clock. Which I have placed right above my bed. We may in time discover this was a mistake. But so far every time that little bird comes out to chirp I grin like a weirdo.  

Also, I went to my very Burlesque show this week. I'm planning to give the troop a full write up as I totally recommend going to see them if you can.

Lots of Merchant City & chirpy bird love!


15 February 2013

The Linkables

Found here

In serious news, can we all not agree that the tragic death of Reeva Steenkamp has been handled really badly?

The lovely Lynne has put together a post on her style history with the help from some 90's girlbands!

Did you know the mega-babe Kate of Gh0stparties has released a new site Nouvelle Daily? You do now.

One of my dorky old-lady hobbies is recycling - Rosie loves it too and has posted some her favourite recycling websites.

I keep my relationship status off Facebook but some people pay someone to be their other half. Okay then.


14 February 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day people! Woooo! Can I get a fist pump? No? Okay. 

I get there's a lot of people out there, loved-up couples and single pringles alike, who hate this day. I am not one of them. I love Valentine's Day.

Okay so I love most annual holidays (as we probably know) but Valentine's would probably appear within the top 5. But why I hear you say! It's commercialised, and so much pressure plus, Morag, you haven't been coupled up on V-Day since 2010. Settle down. 

Okay so yes, I won't be going for romantic dinner with a hot man tonight. But meh, I still like it. Regardless of my relationship status I think a day dedicated to showing the person you love them that you oh-so-do-so is really really effing lovely.

General criticism of St Vaddy's Day? You should be showing your love to your other half every day. Well, yes, I 100% agree! Your romantic partnered needs reminded of your special feelings in order to remain loved-up. But still, what's wrong with having a date on the 14th of February?

This is where I put on a similar hat to when I defend making life changes at the beginning of each year, instead of July. When in a relationship I don't forget his birthday and hurl daily abuse at him then come the 14th of February each each I decide to actually show him that I love him. I just think Valentine's is a day when you can really show it - go out somewhere nice, buy each other something special and just generally feel special. Remember rediscovering love? Valentine's seems like a great time to do it. 

But it's also commercialised! Okay, it is. But I am a fashion blogger who works in marketing so I think we can say commercialisation doesn't bother me.

And remember singletons, Valentine's doesn't just have to be about a romantic partner. Show your gran you love her, or hang out with your single BFF, or show yourself some love! Remember the most important relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself. Show it some love!

I for one will be going home after work to give my widowed Grandmother a call then heading out to a burlesque show with some friends. Norm. 

Lots of Clinton cards and stuffed teddy bear love!


12 February 2013

More than flour & milk: having fun with pancakes

Happy Pancake day! And you know what that means? An excuse for cooking! And celebrating something! Two of my favourite things to do!

I spent tonight making my (vegan) pancakes which I teamed with banoffee (essentially toffee sauce and mashed up banana) and it got me thinking about how much I would hate to eat a plain pancake and all the options available in the world of pancake fillings. 

I think we've established that I don't really do plain. Food is no exception. I'm always throwing spices or herbs into everything. Ask my what my favourite food is and I struggle - but ask me what my favourite flavours are and my mouth waters. Condiments, sauces, herbs, spices and powders make up about 70% of my food collection. It's the most exiting part. 

I did start a Pancake Day board on Pinterest but it only got two pins. One of them was a macademia pancake which is only slightly above a plain pancake but the other was a ricotta pancake. A ricotta pancake? Oh wowzee. If I wasn't on a dairy ban I'd have been nabbing that one up! 

If you're still to make today's pancakes then add more into that mix than just flour and milk (or eggs). It can by anything you like. I used to add shredded coconut to my pancakes. Today I added banana and toffee sauce. How about some passion fruit? Or stilton? French fries? Or beef if you eat meat? Seafood? You only live once so why not make prawns and pancakes!

Go have fun and eat whatever you fancy with your pancake. I don't want any plain pancakes out there!

Lots of pancake experimenting love!


10 February 2013

In This Week

Please excuse my awkward face in the photo above - I bought my Gran a family photo frame for her Christmas and it was decided a fresh photo of me would be taken while I visited this weekend. I don't ever like photos my parents take of me as I always look awkward and they have very little skills at composition etc. But my DLSR is in Glasgow with my photos from the week so this will have to do. 

I have a dentist appointment near my parents house tomorrow (anyone know any NHS dentists in Glasgow?) so took a long weekend off work to come up and also stop by Dundee for a night out with the uni friends still there (hence no Linkables this week). We popped along to my all time fav club in Dundee, Kage, which I've yet to find a Glasgow replacement for. Alternative music, generally free of creepy males, good door and drink prices plus a friendly atmosphere as it's small and many of the goers are 'regulars' that you begin to recognise. Any long term Glasgow dwellers have any suggestions for that Kage shaped hole in my life? 

I'm still dreading the photos going up on Facebook. Of me busting out my best moves - which included an air guitar whilst on my knees. 

I also stopped by my most beloved Dundee boutique, Maggie's Farm, on my way to the train and picked myself up a beaut of a ring, even if having a knuckle duster of the seven dwarfs is completely impractical in most situations. I reckon I might give my Dundee Delights series a bit of a revival after this weekend. 

Much, much knuckle duster and alternative club love! 


7 February 2013

Things I Love Thursday: #tweetheart

At the beginning of this week I posted my gift guide as to what I would buy my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, you know, if I had a boyfriend. Within this post I featured a bean with I Love You etched into it and a You Are My Lobster poster, both from an online store called

I first heard of from Rosie's lovely blog (where she features lesser known sites/brands often) and fell in love with almost everything on it. It seems like the perfect place to buy a small trinket for your home or a gift for a loved one.

Or a Valentine's gift for your pretend boyfriend. That too. 

So I was really excited when I was contacted about their #tweetheart campaign. 

Completely outshining a personalised card from their journey together range the #tweetheart campaign brings personalisation to a new level. Even in a slightly cheesy way (but hey it's Valentine's Day). 

In the run-up to Valentine's Day loved-up lovelies can tweet romantic messages with the tag #tweetheart on Twitter or leave a message on the Not on the High Street Facebook page. Out of these messages five of them will be selected to be given the 'live' treatment - you know using musicians, artists and public space.

I wouldn't call myself the biggest romatic ever but I do love myself some Valentine's fun and I don't think I'd ever really truly belong with a guy who huffs and puffs about Valentine's Day. This would maybe embarass me slightly but would make me feel extra loved (and show that you are creative - a trait I think many women rate as attractive).

And after Valentine's Day you will be able to view the live performances, right here on mo'adore. I'm mega excited to see what some London sweetheart's get up to!

How to enter:
To enter a declaration, simply tweet @notonthehighst using the hashtag #Tweetheart or post it on the company’s Facebook page. Chosen entries will then receive a private message from to get more details on where their Valentine will be on a certain day and the ‘live gift’ will be delivered during the course of the week commencing 11 February. All entrants must be in London.

* I was contacted by a PR agency on behalf of to write about the #tweethearts campaign but have no recieved any paymentto do, but instead the exclusive content of the videos after all the events take place!

5 February 2013

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company: Au Lait Pamper Kit

Scottish Fine Soaps Company - Au Lait Pamper Kit

Way back at Christmas time (it's nearly Valentine's Day!) my uncle gifted me the Au Lait Pamper Kit from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company. Admittedly I don't think this was a product I would have picked up myself as the white packaging and the traditional branding strategy makes it appear a bit...boring. I think we all know I love me some bright colours and sparkles by now!

But as the photo caption says I did discover quite the little beauty secret in this kit. And it was....drumroll!

The shampoo! 

The other products were nice, but there wasn't anything that made them stand out from other body butters and shower creams I had already tried. Not being long since Christmas I still have a plentiful amount of shower gels and body butters at hand and the two in this kit aren't the ones I find myself reaching for. They are nice, don't get me wrong, and certainly do moisturise the skin but they aren't really my cup of tea. I prefer my shower creams to have gorgeous scents (I'm still savoring the last part of my Snow Fairy bottle) and to really froth up in the shower. If you prefer your shower gels and creams to have a minimal scent then these might be just up your alley.

And onto the shampoo. I was cynical about trying this as so many shampoos don't work for my greasy hair and I only started using it (on a weekend in case I ended up with greasy hair for work) because I had ran out of what I was previously using. But I was really surprised. It left my hair with volume but a really light volume that was quite bouncy and my layers could be picked up on. Plus my hair was non-greasy but still really soft - the perfect balance!

Hair care is extremely subjective in my experience but if your hair is like mine (greasy, coloured, quite flat) then you might just love this too. February is set to be quite a tight month for me financially so I'm keeping to drugstore - but come my end of February pay check I believe the shampoo might just make my re-purchased products list.


4 February 2013

V-Day gifts for my (imaginery) boyfriend

I've spoken about my love for Halloween. And all the effort I put into Christmas presents. And the Eurovision party I plan every year. But another holiday that I absolutely love that I haven't give much blog space to is Valentine's Day.

Mainly because I have been single during the entire time of this blog existence.

But that doesn't mean I don't love the 14th of February, and if I did have a special man in my life he'd get spoiled rotten! I'm not one for cheesy gifts most of the year (listen up ideal man: my birthday is for practical gifts) but with Valentine's I think something a tad cheesy is perfectly acceptable.

And because it looks like I'll be single on V-Day 2013 I'm gonna let you have my ideas. Because I'm kind like that! 

Product Details:
I Love You Bean -  Not On The Highstreet
Fold & Play Card - Urban Outfitters
I Love you every Day, Today I just decided to Reinforce It - Paper Society Co.
You Are My Lobster Print - Not On The Highstreet
USB Cufflinks -
Record Player -
I Think You Are more Perfect Than Helvetica - Tumblr Picture

Happy Valentine's whether you're sharing it with someone or rocking it single!


3 February 2013

In This Week

Did we all hear the excellent news that the EU are going to follow through on banning testing on animals for both made in the EU and imports? Can we not all agree this is excellent? Fist pump!

In non-animal testing news, my flatmate celebrated her birthday on Friday but chose to see it in quite quietly.  However this gave me a good excuse to practice my present buying skills. Not that I'm pandering for new bezzies or anything but I love to spoil people and go all out at Christmas and birthdays (and Valentine's in case any hot men are reading!).

And isn't the wrapping paper lovely? It's from Joy in the Buchanan Galleries. And inside the two wrapped presents is a hot water bottle with an owl on it and a keyring with a ice scraper for your car (also from Joy in the Buchanan Galleries).

Next weekend should see me partying in Dundee for the first time since August so I headed out to source out a new outfit. I placed my very first order with Bonnie Bling and the whole outfit is getting worked around that necklace. And I decided it required a LBD - and truthfully I don't own many of them! So I went to Primark to pick up a plain black floaty dress and also picked up some new earrings in H&M. I rarely wear earring as my ear lobes are pierced weirdly (read: Claire's Accessories at age 13) but I was Facebook stalking someone who had quite the collection (don't stalk people kids, it's wrong!) and felt inspired to give earrings another try. If not at least when I do decide to wear them I'll have a large collection to choose from. 

Lots of European Union love and that!


2 February 2013

Month In Review: January

Who remembers this blog series? No one? Okay. It was created right when I very first started my blog but always fades out nearing the middle of the year, every year. It was designed as a way to keep track on my resolutions and yearly to-do list. 

And I'm going to try it again. Hopefully it might work better this year as I have set myself quite the to-do list

The pictures above is seen as 'proof' that I have worked on three of my goals. Firstly I have purchased two of the books I would like to read (but haven't started - still getting through the boring book I began at some point last year). Then there's the money bank which was a gift from my aunt at Christmas. I thought this was so tacky when I received it and believed it had no place in my home but I've decided it will become my official piggy bank for spare change at the end of each week. And then will be hopefully turned into a tattoo - or PC parts, one or the two. But I'm leaning towards a tattoo. Then lastly the garden seeds and the fork are me getting ready for my summer of fun, sun and growing my own vegetables. Don't anyone tell you I don't live life on the edge. 

Other than what is in the photos I have written two blog post on my 'professional blog' (still working in the co-branded blogger part) - one on my professional resolutions and the other on landing a marketing job when my degree wasn't in marketing (and a 2:2 at that!). I'm also planning on booking my Photoshop evening class right after I hit publish. 

Every other goal is at a bit of a standstill. 

Other little changes I've made this month:
Me and the flatmate curated our own cleaning rota // I'm making a conscious effort to drink more water // My weekly shop was changed around // I took lunch to work every day this week // I rearranged my bedside table // I'm closer to owning all the Berry M nail colours // Made really strong effort for a friends birthday present // Bought my very first foundation brush // Started taking my make-up off at night // Unwrapped candles and placed them about my bedroom - never lit them but having them out their packet already creates a nicer ambiance! 

Lots of January love!


1 February 2013

The Linkables

My new song discover this week. 

You learn something new everyday: 25 Lesser-Known Dorito flavours.

Do I spy some tomato shaped earrings? Fashion for foodies.

I found Rose's blog near the beginning of the year but this week I've found myself procrastinating by going through her archives.

I'm beginning to curate a big list of marmalade and jams I'd like to make and pomegranate, apple and vanilla marmalade has been added to that list.

It's been hitting me recently that I used to be a very athletic person and now I only go for weekly runs, and Katy's post on Tips for cycling Newbies has inspired me slightly. Slightly.

And because a bath and natural stuff are two of my fav things: My Top 4 DIY Detox Baths.