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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

Morag Loves...Links

Despite the name of this blog being a French play on words for "Morag Loves" I don't seem to showcase what I'm loving very often. Yes, I talk about the new dress that I love, and the meal I made last night that I love but twirling in front a camera as you're trying to get out the door is hardly new to the blogging world. 

So hopefully to add a bit more variation, and take it down the direction it was meant to at the start, I'm going to bring in a series when I showcase something that I love. For now I'll keep it sweet with some links. Finding new links/blogs/magazines/sites is one of my favourite dorky pastimes. And also because I'm feeling shattered from my day at work so can't murmur up a proper article. 

So on with some crazy internet finds!

Even if you don't follow football, if you're Scottish then you can still be proud that the Scotland Women's team slammed Poland in a friendly recently and also aren't doing too shabby at the UEFA qualifiers either. They won't win but this is better than the male team have done in a while. Time to give women's sport the attention it deserves.

I'd like to think you're already reading Gala Darling anyway, but did you see her article on 10 Ways To Make Your Instagram Photos Pop? It's a gem. 

The best Tumblr and the most amazing artwork I've come across for a while: Versus/Hearts.

Louise is quite new to the blogging arena but I'm already a fan. Animal testing is an area where so many people say it's wrong but will rarely protest with their money. Her blog MakeUp.Etc is a great place to start if you want to start living cruelty free whilst not denying yourself the pleasure of mascara. 

I've yet to cook anything I've found on The Vegan Stoner but I still just love looking at the illustrations! 

I spent a large chunk of today editing my Pinterest boards after it came up at a job interview. Want to have a look?

And some Republican satire about vaginas. Just for lolz!

And Ronan Keating presenting the Eurovision....

Have a lovely weekend!

Morag x

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