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In My Baking Cupboard: Decorating Drawer

With the all the cupcake pictures and, you know, founding my university's baking society you might guess I'm into baking. But let me tell you, it can be an expensive hobby. I have three cupboards almost completely dedicated to baking supplies: roughly split by decorating drawer, dry ingredients and my might ocassionally require it cupboard. (meaning shredded coconut, zombie cupcake making kit, fondue..). Plus I have other food cupboards that contain food that can be used for baking, like Marmite...

I have always baked for the most part of my life but when I started baking for the public I realised what was suitable for myself in my own home wasn't quite cutting it out there in the competitive world of charity bake sales. Also if one recipe went wrong I'd need to make sure there were enough ingredients in my cupboards so that I had another cake recipe to fall back on. 

And now it is stashed. 

Food colouring
If you want to make cakes with even a hint of aesthetic appeal then food colouring is essential. In my picture you can see two types of food colouring: paste and liquid. Liquid is available in the baking section of any general supermarket (even the Metro ones) but for paste you'll need to get your baking behind to a dedicated baking shop. Both types have their uses: for colouring a cake sponge alá red velvet cupcakes you'll require the liquid type but icing I prefer paste because it does little to harm the consistency of icing (which is a pain to get correct as it is!). My preferred paste is the ones with the colours marked on top - makes it easier whilst you're in a baking rush and your drawer means you view everything from a height.

Cocktail sticks
My tool of use for adding food colouring paste to icing. Just a little bit should go such a long way! And because they're disposable you can't risk using one twice and mixing colours (unless you run out!)

If, like me, your decorating skills aren't going to win you any points then a simple way to dazzle up some simple icing is to sprinkle glitter on top. Several of my cupcakes just have cream icing spread on top with a swish of glitter. Can make some simple cakes so much more eye-catching. Though be careful to actually sprinkle or you could end up with glitter clumps - I recommend using a small sieve. Also anyone want to guess what holiday was around the time I bought these glitters? 

Icing pen 
For intricate details. I only have black as its a standard colour that will go with most shades. I'd only buy more shades if it was needed - which so far it hasn't been. Most of my icing colours are bought on I-need-them basis.

Miniature rolling pin
Not the most exciting part of my decorating drawer - but a must have! If you're wanting to get into cake decorating then this is needed if you intend doing any crafts with rolling icing. 

Cake Cases
Like a lot of glitter and colours I buy the different case designs as I need them. Some can cross over into different themes (Halloween and Marmite cupcakes - both brown! Christmas and Valentine's Day - both metallic red foil!) but I can't say I have 'safe' cases that can be used for all occasions. Also the silicon ones? For practice baking - I only use the paper ones when people will be purchasing them and taking them away. Also there's the teacup and saucer cases that I've yet to use - someone give me an excuse for a tea party?

Also that Rhino? Genuinely lives on my microwave. It's from a Kinder Egg. 

Morag x 

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