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How I Looked: Drive to the Beat

Dress: Primark
Necklace: Gifted from Aunt & Uncle
Nail Polish: Model's Own

I spotted this dress in Primark a week ago and decided to purchase it on my I've-finished-university summer clothes shop for a friend's birthday that night. I was sceptical about it looking okay on me as I tend to avoid tight fitting dresses as the weight I do have always hits my middle. Though in the changing rooms I was more "where have my boobs went?!??!" despite this I loved everything else and decided to take it home and work through the boob issue with the thought that I might have to take it back. I tried on various bras that might end up invisible or look classy enough as part of the outfit.

Then I said feck it and embraced my small boobs. I have a slender frame and I'm usually really proud of it until a piece of clothing sucks my boobs in. This dress did have to use some tit-tape around the breasts and also at the start of the straps as they were inclined to fall off as I found out wondering about the flat  beforehand. Tip: don't fall asleep with tit-tap on, especially if you have long hair!

And for the lulz (and the opportunity to see shoes and jacket) here's some drunk photos:

Morag x
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