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My Favourite Tumblr Blogs

After e-mails, Twitter and Facebook the most likely site for me to log onto is Tumblr. I mean LOG ON! I can stay there for two hours solid without even realising it. I love how great a tool it is is for finding inspirational words, cupcake ideas, new recipes and cute pictures of furry friends.

Despite following not far short of 100 blogs (I really need to cut that down!) there are always those blogs that always post cute, meaningful or downright snazzy photos and words.

In order that they appear on my homepage here are my favourite Tumblr blogs:

A blog that is made up of food, and by food I mean primarily snacky food. Whilst most of it is reaping with saturated fat the pictures are cute (and it's not bad in moderation). I especially love the pictures of cappacinos with designs swirled into them (such as the panda in the screen shot!).

The name of this blog very much accurately represents what its content is. There are many different areas of the house covered including the garden and caravans for those of us who are inclined that way. Most of the room designs are quirky with a lot of recent posts having an ethnic/gypsy vibe!

As the title suggests this blog is all about food! The content is still very much cupcakes, frozen yoghurt and other sweets. However the odd full meal does creep up now and then. Some great cake decorating ideas on here though!

The URL of this site is boyfriend replacement & I can see why. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have all this yummy food to yourself?  The pictures are varied so if you're looking for cupcakes, breakfast ideas or a lasagne you can find it here! What's also brilliant is most of the pictures comes with links to the actual recipes!

As the tile suggests this blog is al about glamour! From expensive designer handbags, to high end make-up to couture cupcakes this blog has everything I could only dream of being able to afford.

Obviously about cupcakes. 

A lot of these blogs have been about cupcakes, so I thought I should add some cats into the mix. 
All sorts of food - it just has to be pretty!
Also gives you recipes in the description where possible.

More food again but this one is dedicated to healthy food choices! Unfortunately doesn't come with recipes.

What are your favourite Tumblr blogs? Do you also like ones about food or do you have other types of blogs you prefer to follow?

Morag x

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