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How I Looked 10.04.2011: Dance Show Edition

As previously mentioned at certain points here I am a member of my university's Dance and Cheer Team :D Last night was the night of our annual dance show where the theme was "The seven deadly sins versus the seven heavenly virtues". As I have not done a how I looked post in some time (mainly to do with not finding time to pose in front of a camera/not having an ideal spot to take these photos) I decided this would be excellent start to the series again.

The full outfit:
Waistcoat: Primark
Skirt: Claire's Accessories (last October)
Fishnets: New Look
Knee High Socks: New Look
Fishnet Top: an old pair of fishnet tights turned upside down with the gusset cut!

For the show we were told to come up with our own basic black outfit of our own choice that we would add to with different accessories for different dances (light blue for a virtue, red for a sin) and this was my take. When it comes to fancy dress I always like to go a bit punky. When I dressed up as the Saw puppet for Halloween I wore fishnets as part of it. However the sheer amount of detail on the outfit did mean that it didn't always match the accessories I was given. For one dance I wore the top half of a cheer suit and I looked like one fucked up goth teenager. Thankfully the gangsta outfit I wore for a hip hop piece was a full outfit (one quick change there) so this outfit was completely covered. 

For the make-up I took the pattern idea on the side of my eye from this youtube video which was surprisingly simple (though practice is required!) whilst my eyes (which were done by a professional) were a mix of silver and navy with Girl Aloud Sarah eyelashes. Plus, my cheeks and lips had Barry M Glitter Dust in Crimson liberally sprinkled on them.

All in all a good night with some amazing compliments on the show. I may blog about the show in the future once more photos come through from my parents but as this is a "how i looked post" it shall remain outfit and beauty orientated only ;)

Morag x
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