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Eyelure Individual Lashes Review

After my previous lulzworthy attempts with false eyelashes (I forgot to mention but they were Ardell 101 Demi Black) I decided to take my dance shows make-up artist's advice and try individual lashes due to me having baby sized eyes.

This time I didn't pull them off in upset strop.

And kept them on to go to the ball. Yes, a ball. 

I didn't have time before I left to take an proper outfit/make-up photo & this is the best I have to show my eyelashes. Though fiddly to apply they definitely give a more natural and personalised look. When it comes to false eyelashes I prefer to add length rather than volume and with these lashes I managed to achieve that. Though I will warn that the one's marked "long" are LONG and I ended up only using them on the very outer corners of my eyes. 

The packet comes with seventeen short, medium and long lashes sizes plus adhesive, instructions and a liquid remover. For the application you are meant to place a very small amount of the adhesive on aluminium foil which I didn't do but I still found the lashes stuck. As for removal I didn't use the removal mixture as when I rubbed my eyes the next morning they came off (maybe didn't stick as well as I had thought). The long lashes were the easiest to apply with me managing to bend some of the smaller ones during the application.

All and all I much prefer these to regular false eyelashes purely for the natural effect (they are also much lighter) and will probably wear these on many a night out.

Love you all, Morag x

P.S. The dress (which you can't see) was from New Look and I found it in their sale section for £5 down from £30 so get your pretty butt down there!
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