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My favourite ASMRtists

For those of us who enjoy relaxing with some ASMR, we all know how unique our triggers are. I can't stand whispering and much prefer someone who has a soft but realistic voice (and if anyone starts tapping anything, I'm clicking the X button).

But after two years of digging through YouTube in the later hours, I've discovered something that is far more important: the ASMRtist themselves. I can watch three videos (by different creators) with roughly the same premise but only one can bring on the tingles. However, I can watch several videos by the same ASMRtist and get tingles from every single one, no matter how different the subject matter.

These days, when I light my candles and snuggle into bed with my laptop (newbies: ASMR is not sexual, unless you want it to be) I have a few default YouTubers that I turn to first and only start searching elsewhere if they haven't uploaded anything new. Because triggers and tingles can be so personal, you may find that these ASMRtist won't have the same effect on you - but I'd definitely give them a try if you're looking for some new videos.


Not only is Amal one of my favourite ASMRtists, her Victoria Secrets bra fitting role play is my all-time top video. She does a good mix of roleplays, haul videos and sound videos (chewing etc) - plus she does some videos with an American accent and some videos with an Arabic accent. If you end up loving her videos as much as I do, remember to check out her Patreon for extra content


My favourite accent is generic English, so I'm always on the look out for ASMRtists from below the border. Chloe was one of the first YouTubers I came across and 200,000+ people agree that she is worth following. She has a wide range of role plays but personally it's her Sleep Clinic videos that really do it for me (there are three of them: here, here and here). Admittedly, I can find her a little bit hit or miss as I find it distracting when she films in what is very obviously a student halls bedroom but that might just me.

Be Calm with Becca

Another English beauty is Becca, who films everything from gum-chewing to knitting demonstrations to a Healing Fairy Reiki role play and even videos filmed in Hindi. She has been around for two years, and it was her Ultimate Binaural Salon Haircut Role Play that initially caught my attention and she's been one of my favourites ever since. She has such as a soothing voice and I'd happily watch her all day, even if it was mundane everyday chores.


Looking for something geeky and a bit gothy? You'll find it here with ASMR game plays and role plays involving some pop culture favourites (such as Milisandre and Maleficent). Personally, it's her inaudible and No Talking videos that I gravitate towards - especially this Silent Scalp Massage which was the first ever video I found of hers. 

VisualSounds1 ASMR

While some ASMRtists splash out on speakers and green screens to create professional level videos, others are just so relaxing they don't need anything other than themselves. Jen of VisualSounds is one of the latter: I wouldn't say her videos are well-made by any stretch of the imagination but her voice is so soothing she doesn't require a special microphone (her 94,000+ subscribers seem to agree). She specialises in the geeky, and it was her Cosplay Shop Role Play that first caught my attention.

Other ASMR fans, who are your favourite ASMRtists? 

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