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The Linkables

Erm, hello - remember me? I know I didn't exactly drop off the face of the earth, but August was the month where I made a return to blogging after a three month dry spell (that had been foreshadowed by a patchy blogging schedule across the last 12 months). Like everyone and their Instagram-perfect pug I became a little bit disenfranchised and disillusioned with the online world and needed some time to think about what direction I wanted to take my blog in, and how it fitted into my overall life (I mean, mo'adore has existed for six years and a shift was inevitable after that amount of time).

I'm not going to turn this into a post about how things have changed (blah, blah) as there are enough of those going around at the moment - and I'll leave it at saying that I've managed to map things out in a way that I am comfortable and confident with. One thing that hasn't changed is my Linkables series. Spending time reading random things on the internet is still a Top Five hobby and I love sharing everything I've come across in one big place (and I've been told some of you actively wait for my Linkables posts *blushes*). So here we go....

Sports Fans: Flyod Mayweather is a horrible human being. (TW: rape and IPV)

I wasn't a goth as a teenager, but I definitely fell somewhere in the MySpace-esque crowd, and it upsets me that youngsters who dress differently still get picked on.

A more lighthearted take on emo-adolescence: 18 scene kids who ruined family photos.

I know some sex-positive feminists I'd like to forward this to: Yes, you can still be feminist but prefer vanilla sex.

I know this is probably stereotypical Thought Catalog barf but Women who stay single a long time usually end up the happiest.

More Thought Catalog barf that I agree with: Getting over someone you didn't date.

Co-signed: there's a big difference between a vegan diet and a planet-based diet.

Goals: An unhealthy nerdy relationship vs a healthy nerdy relationship.

Creepy but fascinating: how/why do women fall in love with serial killers?

I loved this personal essay from journalist Joe Stone and his quest to meet his childhood heroes the Spice Girls.

It's a bit woe-is-me so I keep it to myself, but I don't really like my name. It conjures up an image of a 90 year old traditional woman who probably live in the Hebrideas and hand knits those woolly jumpers you see in Scottish gift shops, or my high school history teacher who wore frumpy clothes (and remains the only other Morag I have ever personally known). As this article explains, unusual names are more likely to hint at a certain demographic background while really common names allow someone to work from a clean slate.  

Veronica Mars is a show that does not receive the appreciation it deserves, if you haven't seen it maybe her craziest disguises will tempt you.

There's probably more important things I should be pondering in life but I've always wondered where famous Glaswegians went to school.

The apology we owe each Myerrs-Brigg type, I got a small lump in my throat at how true mine was:

I’m sorry for taking advantage of your willingness to work without recognition. I’m sorry for not appreciating how much effort you put into literally everything you do.

5 creepy fairytales Disney would never touch (lol).

Texting guys on Tinder with only Carrie Bradshaw quotes. (also lol)

Next time you head to the park, bring frozen peas for the ducks (bread actually isn't that good for them).

Vampires are everywhere in literature but there's a lot of guff to sift through, so here is a list of 15 good vampire books to get you standard. 

Why Jaffa Cakes excite philosophers.

I think Sex and the City is one of the best TV shows ever, and this article perfectly captures its brilliance while still commenting on it's flaws.

BRB, lifehacking my Spotify.

I've been telling myself this for years and maybe one day I'll absorb it properly: you'd be a better communicator if you stopped caring about embarrassing yourself.

My newest favourite Twitter account is AstroPoets.

I've not yet seen To The Bone, but here's a critical analysis from one of the internet's best-known body politics writers, Melissa A. Fabello.

21 times Game of Thrones summed up life in Scotland.

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