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7 August 2016

Playing Pokemon Go in Aberdeen

When you take a week off work to visit your parents in Aberdeenshire, the to-do list can expand quickly. Going for a family BBQ, visiting your 96-year-old grandmother (yep, my gran is pushing the big 100), stopping by your favourite independent shops, seeing how the place you grew up has changed and, erm, playing Pokemon Go. 

I've been avidly playing Pokemon Go since it was launched in July. I mean this seriously, I'm no casual player. I've occasionally spent a lunch break city sitting at the Clyde with the Pokenerds who - between us - keep the Pokestops continually loaded with lures. That's why when I visited my parents in Aberdeen recently going out on a Pokehunt in the Granite City was on my to-do list. 

My parents village itself is lucky enough to have three Pokestops and a gym (aka the local pub). The gym itself was also a plus because the Pokemon guarding it are nowhere near as powerful as the Pokemon in the city centre of Glasgow. Making it much easier to take over the gym and increase my own level. 

While I was very happy taking over the gym and finding an Evee on a regular residential street, there's only so much Pokemon hunting that can take place in a village. It was time to head into the city. 

Aberdeen Beach Esplanade

When I was brainstorming places to Pokehunt in Aberdeen, the beach stood out for obvious reasons. It's not far from the city centre, has water, is densely populated, and is home to plenty of landmarks that could be used for Pokestops. At a family BBQ my cousin's girlfriend confirmed that the beach was a popular spot and tipped me off to two close together Pokestops that regularly have lures on them. On my hunt I found the two stops she was on about - they are located on the beach walkway opposite the entrance to Cadonas. And yes, there were people sitting on benches just...waiting. I was low on Pokeballs so went for a walk before returning, but the Pokemon I collected within that hour were of an impressive standard.

Remember to also walk right along the beach. I found Pokemon at Footdee near the harbour and looking over to the Bridge of Don. 

Pokemon found: the beach was popular with electric Pokemon and I picked up several Voltrobs and Magnemites. I also found a Magneton - it took about seven Pokeballs and three razzberries to catch! I also caught an Exeggcute further along the beach heading towards the Bridge of Don. And a Doduo, Lickitung, Oddish and Shellder.

There was also a Geodude silhouette on my tracker, but it never appeared. My cousin's girlfriend said she caught an Onix here. 

Duffie Park

This was another area that I automatically assumed would be great for a Pokehunt. However - unlike the beach - I was left dissapointed. There were plenty of Pokestops so it was a great place to stock up but the only Pokemon were the common types I already have. Even when a lure was activated  I didn't catch anything I didn't already have. There was a gym by the entrance however that didn't have a high level Pokemon guarding it so I overtook it with my Starmie.

Pokemon found: a Meowth (beside the gardens), Drowzee, Weedle, Caterpie and Spearow. 

Union Terrace Gardens

This central garden looks like the ideal place to sit for some Pokemon with a sandwich. However, the small size of it lets it down. While I did catch a Magmar there's only three Pokestops so Pokemon cannot be lured as easily into the area. There's also a gym but it was guarded by a high level Pokemon. Maybe if I hung about longer I might have found something but nothing was showing up on my tracker (and I wanted to get to Plan 9 before it shut). 

Pokemon caught: Magmar. 

Union Street Graveyard

Out of all the places I stopped by this was the most fruitful. Two Pokestops at the entrance had lures on them so I literally just sat down and seen what came my way. And boy did some special Pokemon come my way! I left after the lures ran out but I noticed on my map a few minutes later that the lures had been put back on.

Pokemon caught: Jigglypuff, Gastly, Nidorino, Spearow, Clefairy, Krabby and Weepingbell. 

Victoria Park

I didn't play here myself but my cousin's girlfriend told me this is a Pokemon hotspot in Aberdeen. I'll let you decide if you want to try it out or not. 

Are there any other areas in Aberdeen good for a Pokemon hunt? Let me known and I'll check them out when I visit at Christmas.  

P.S. I'm planning to write up a Glasgow guide at some point, however because I live there I'll have the opportunity to make it more detailed. My Aberdeen guide to Pokemon hunting is literally based on the one day I spent driving around the city stopping off at different locations. 

Oh, and the rumour that different cities attract different Pokemons? Very true. 


  1. Hiya! I spotted a wee mistake.... it is a Duthie Park not Duffy :)

    1. Thanks - I made that mistake as a kid. Looks like I never outgrew it lol. xx

  2. You can find Scythers round the back of the Balnagask golf course and Fittie's Bay is apparently a Magikarp hotspot.

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