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1 August 2016

My favourite vegan burger so far (a review of Bread Meats Bread)

Some of you might know (if you follow me on my - currently - burger-infested Instagram, or have just chatted to me in real life recently) that I'm on the hunt for Glasgow's best vegan burger. Naturally this involves eating a lot of burgers - hence my burger-infested Instagram. I've gotten round a fair few of the vegan burgers of Glasgow now and I think it's only The Flying Duck I think I'm left to visit (plus re-visit restaurants so I can try the other burgers on the menu). I'm planning to write a top 5 list once I'm done but - and maybe I'll regret this - I'm going to jump the gun and let you know what's likely to take the number one slot. 

It's the falafel and beetroot burger at Bread Meats Bread (on St Vincent Street, better known as the Burger Mile for reasons I shouldn't have to explain).  

If you live in Glasgow or Edinburgh it's likely you won't need introduced to this burger establishment. It opened a few years ago and it seems as though everyone has been raving about it since. Little old me just assumed there was nothing for me there - but the vegan grapevine informed me that I was wrong. I checked out the menu online and discovered a veggie burger that could be made vegan by leaving the cheese or sauce off. When Alan was in Glasgow for Vanessa Carlton I informed him this was where we were heading for lunch the next day.  To my surprise, when I was handed the menu I discovered two vegan options....

I opted for the beetroot and falafel burger because it is different to everything else I've previously tried. Okay, falafel is something I've become very accustomed to as a vegan but beetroot isn't. The burger also came with chilli flakes - adding some extra kick. And I have to say the burger was delicious - different to what I've tried before and the chilli flakes did add a side-serving of spice (if you don't like spicy food you perhaps do want to stay clear, it was hot). 

The only negative thing to say about Bread Meats Bread is the price and how busy it can get. We arrived just after the rush and were sat immediately - however the queue started to build up again and I could feel eyes looking at me after we'd finished as I waited for Alan to come back from the bathroom! The burger also cost £8 but was very, shall we say, snack-sized. Don't get me wrong the patty was of very high quality so I understand why it couldn't be a fiver. But it is certainly a pay-day treat and you'll need to order a side if you're suffering from pandering hunger.

I know a few vegans who are put off by the open kitchen plan as you can sometimes smell the meat. I have a really weak sense of smell so this didn't bother me, but it is worth keeping in mind.

The burger itself was beautiful and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. 

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  1. Hiya, I don't actually rate the Duck burger at all... the odd texture mix of TVP and what else is just too lumpy. Did not enjoy it at all.. love the78 and 13th Note is pretty good too. Not tried SCR yet :)


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