mo'adore: cruelty-free beauty ∙ vegan food ∙ glasgow/dundee lifestyle: September 2012

30 September 2012

In This Week

1.  #socialmediageek glasses 2. Presentation on viral content. 3. Cocoa penne and mushroom sauce. 4. Mushroom and cashew nut pasta

This week was probably the closest to a full working week that I had since finalising my last piece of coursework in May. Tuesday I had boring stuff that needed taking care of in the city centre and then Wednesday it was back down to Glasgow (which I've seen more of than Aberdeen in recent weeks). But this time it was not to view flats but to put down the deposit on that beautiful flat I spoke about last week. And no lie that it is beautiful. I won't make my move until mid-October but I am so excited! Just need to make sure that the deposit gets put through, find a flatmate and then move all my life to Glasgow (whilst my parents are still travelling around Australasia!). 

For anyone not in the know Social Media Week was last week so I stayed an extra two nights in Glasgow to attend some events. Some were really good (the events hosted by Equator were fabulous!) but some were a bit 'if you didn't know this for yourself - choose a different career path' (to put it bluntly). Overall, just like last year it was amazing - I love the atmosphere of Glasgow and it's hub for social media and marketing is one of the reasons that I do!  ♥

That chocolate pasta? Weird. I'm not a huge chocolate fan but being a complete foodie when I noticed Aberdeen had it's own branch of Hotel Chocolat I insisted on having a peak. And I'm always up for trying the unknown so picked up the cocoa pasta - and teamed it with mushroom sauce. I still have half the packet left and not entirely sure what to do with it as most recipes I've looked at contain meat. :/

Lots and lots of Glasgow love. 


26 September 2012

YouTube Videos for Essential Cooking Techniques

It's no secret that I love to cook, but no one is born a superb cook. I started really getting into cooking when I started Standard Grade Home Economics and that is where I learnt the basics that still come up in even in complex recipes I attempt today. Because I think the world should cook and appreciate food as much as I do but instead of blatantly nagging people I should post some useful cooking tips so people who want to cook but believe they can't, can now start trying. 

And here I have hunted down some YouTube videos for very basic food preparation techniques. These foods come up in so many recipes (the videos are ranked by commonness) so if you want to get into cooking it's near essential that you know these techniques and understand what the recipe means by them.

By far the most important. Not only do chopped onions feature within many recipes but because of the way a onion is formed it could fall apart if not cut properly. 

I LOVE garlic and it is in almost every savoury dish I create. And judging by the amount of recipes I see garlic feature in I'm obviously not the only one. 

Sifting flour isn't a hard technique. However I have come across comments and questions on the internet from budding cooks and bakers not knowing what it means. So now you know. And remember whenever you use flour, baking powder, cocoa powder or any other powder in your baking: sift it! Unless the recipe explicitly explains not too (which would be close to never). 

Common in stir-fries and curries a pepper adds quite a bit of flavour so my tip is to make sure you don't cut the slices too thick. 

Admittedly I'm not a huge carrot fan however I recall using one for a recipe for the first time since school a few months back and couldn't understand how to chop one. Slice one, yes, that is simple. But chop? As the video states they roll about on you and the presenter explains how to stop that.  

Potatoes aren't something you'd use unless it was a potato based dish (in my experience) so it comes near the end of the list. However, just like carrots, due to it's circular shape they can roll about you. Again, this video shoes you how to stop that. 

Not the most exciting blog post - but if you want to get started in a kitchen these are techniques you are going to have to know. 

Lots of chopping and dicing love!


24 September 2012

How I Looked: Interview Look

Blazer: H&M (old!)
Top: New Look
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Claire's Accessories (old)
Shoes: Primark (old)
Nails: Zoya
I'm now finally getting round to uploading the outfits I wore to my two interviews before landing my job just recently. This was the outfit I picked out to my first interview which I unfortunetly didn't get but was told in my rejection e-mail that my interview still went well but someone only just got it ahead of me. So still take this as a good interview outfit! (for the creative sector - mind you!). 

I found out about this interview less than 48 hours before I had to attend it and rushed into town to try and find something. I've always thought that New Look has an amazing selection of smart clothes that are a bit more exciting than a black dress, so is where I headed after finding my statement skirt in the H&M range - which is still a really good range for fashionable work clothes but might still be a bit too much for some offices. 

The outfit for my successful interview should be coming soon after :P


23 September 2012

In This Week

1. Free smarties with my coconut hot chocolate. 2. Broken mascara. 3. Tofu balls and rice. 4. Sweetcorn and Pepper soup

It's been quite quiet on the Instagram front for me this week, mainly because I am still working on my move to Glasgow. Thankfully this week I found a flat on my overnight trip and all references and credit checks going well in the next few days I should be signing the lease next week. I still don't want to get too excited as it could fall through but it's looking like by some point in October it will all be mine. I will need to find a flatmate for it but once the rent is split it becomes a really good value flat - two bathrooms, open plan kitchen/living room, balcony, underground parking and really close to the city centre. Who wants to live with me? ;)

Whilst there I stopped by All Bar One Glasgow for lunch which I thought was a nice sophisticated little place that was still on the cheap side. It was quite empty during the day so is the sort of place you can go yourself without feeling awkward. I also got a free shot of smarties with my hot chocolate (which was coconut flavoured!) alongside my lunch which was a goats cheese quesadilla. The menu also had several veggie options so might go back there upon my move to try some more dishes. 

And onto my home-cooking: it took a bit of a set back given that I was moving about quite a bit this week but both the dishes here were lovely (even if they do look a bit disgusting). The tofu balls were a mix of tofu (really Morag?), garlic, onion, bread crumbs and soy sauce, and tasted amazing even they looked a bit shit. Then the soup was your basic soup recipe with peppers and sweetcorn mixed up in a blender. 

And needless to say I won't be reviewing that mascara any more :P


21 September 2012

Fashion Bloggers For Your Mum

It was somewhat recently that I decided to dip into the world of the middle aged fashion blogger. Despite having been infused in the world of fashion blogging since 2009 (and blogging in general since 2005!!!) I had only kept to bloggers of my own age and those who shared the same style. 

My curiosity was initiated by shopping with my mum one day who asked for style tips (she has none of her own...sorry mum) and I realised I wasn't going to be able to help her (given that she is over 50 and is built differently from me). The other is reason is slightly awkward. I had in the past few months met someone who I had assumed to be 50 - but turned out to be 40. I never said any of my thoughts outloud (thankfully!) but the reason I had mistaken them to be older is not because they had tangled grey hair and wore slippers outside - in fact it was the opposite. They put too much effort into looking 20 that they just ended up maximising their age because they were trying to fight it. 

So that got me wondering how someone looks stylish at middle age but without looking like they're hanging onto their years as a hot twenty something? 

Enter my favourite fashion bloggers who are hot to trot at 30+. 

[Should add that I do believe that anyone should dress how they please - this is only for the advice for those who want it!]

Not Dressed as Lamb
By far my favourite I've found so far. With red locks, bright colours and a penchant for patterns I can't help but just think she's an older version of yours truly. At least I hope this is the older version of me. We'll get past the whole me hating wearing trousers thing.

November Grey
Shes' just had a baby so lots of maternity fashion too!

The Elegant Bohieman
Lifestyle blog covering fashion, beauty and even some religion!

Obviously Obsessed
I'm not entirely sure of Darby's age. She seems the younger than those listed before her but I can't say she's still a bar-hoping 21 year old. I'll just post her here and hope to not offend. :/

Bleubird Vintage
I've mentioned James's blog on here before under my blogs you might be surprised to know I read post. It's primarily a mummy blog but there's no denying that this a hot 32 year old. Who makes a pregnancy bump look good.


18 September 2012

Review: MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Facebase

Just like the MeMeMe cream foundation I reviewed a fortnight ago I picked this up with the Groupon code MeMeMe put out during the month of June. I was running low on make-up in general and had a good look at what was missing from my collection. I was trying out an Avon primer (non cruelty-free) I was gifted which was terrible anyway even disregarding my personal morals. So decided I'd look into a primer for my MeMeMe purchase. 

I picked this one out simply because it was the only primer they had in the range. I had previously bought some cosmetics from their range (their gold Shimmer Stack is my go-to bronzer for contouring) and had been impressed with what you got for your money from a drugstore brand. However having only one primer in your range is a negative cause it ignores that there are various skin types out there. And I personally don't need anything that adds moisture to my skin; my skin sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. But I still bought it anyway as I had liked all MeMeMe products I had tried in the past. 

Ignoring that this wasn't the correct choice for my own skin type I have very little negative to say. The description on their website claims to 'rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate skin' and I can't say that this product doesn't do that - it's just that my skin is naturally all these things anyway so I don't need to add to it. 

Also we have to touch on the smell - which I think is heavenly. It smells like something I might find in a sweet shop, but also a very clean sweet shop. When it comes to sexy smells on other people I love being able to smell their deodorant (not after-shave!!) and my all time favourite sexy smell on a man is Head & Shoulders Shampoo, which is a non-cruelty-free shampoo before any man feels like wooing me that way ;) If these scents do much for you then you might find yourself inclined towards this smell. 

The only negative I found that might not just be because of my skin type was that I don't feel it really help my make-up stay in place. Because it is moisturising it added extra oil to my skin which I felt made foundation move-around a bit and had trouble being absorbed into skin.   

Overall I would say that for oily skinned girls such as myself this product shouldn't be added to our collections and we should stick to primers that mattify our skin. I do still occasionally reach for this if my skin is looking a bit dull (which can happen in winter) or if I thought I was having a lazy day but then had to quickly run an errand and a full-face of make-up is too much. However I won't completely poo-poo it for the sake that it did add moisture (just moisture I don't need) so for all your dry skinned girls out there I'd say  to still give it a try. MeMeMe still remains one of my favourite drugstore brands. 


16 September 2012

In this Week

1. Cocktails at 2pm. 2. Bar Soba in Glasgow. 3. Mushroom wrap at Bar Soba. 4. My friend's beef dish at Bar Soba. 5. Lunch after my interview in Glasgow. 6. Homemade bean burger. 7. On my Facebook newsfeed. 8. New mascara. 

Just like last week I have been completely missing in action because of interviews but this time it is because on Thursday I found out that the job I was preparing for all last week is now mine! :D :D :D

I have kept it to myself so far because on Tuesday my parents took off on their trip around Australasia and I was not able to contact them until Saturday morning (which was Saturday evening to them) and thought it was unfair if far too many people knew before then. But now that they know I can make it common knowledge. ;)

So when do you start? As soon as I can become a Glasgow resident. Because the job is partially (or completely) funded by the Commonwealth fund it means I need to have an address in Glasgow before I can be given a start date. And let me tell you flat hunting (especially when you don't live in the city you're trying to flat hunt in) is brain numbing. The last time I flat hunted was for my final year flat in Dundee and the second e-mail I got on gumtree was the one, and I hit a good deal. So having already had two flat viewings and a few e-mails I've had to say no to has been disheartening. If anyone has any flat hunting tips (especially for Glasgow) I'd love to hear them! 

Aside from the whole trying to find a place to sleep in Glasgow part I am really really excited to move to Glasgow. The first time I went to Glasgow as an adult was a year ago for Social Media Week and the minute I walked onto Buchanan Street I just fell in love and by the end of the day I knew I wanted to live there. I took a trip down yesterday (accompanied by one of my Dundee friends) for some flat viewing fun and she also noticed how alive and trendy Glasgow was in comparison to Dundee (okay, anywhere is trendy in comparison to Dundee). 

We stopped by for early afternoon cocktails and food in Bar Soba, and both of us had amazing things to say about the place. Great food, amazing atmosphere, trendy decor, magazines to read and good looking staff members (got caught eyeing one up...oops!). Couldn't recommend it higher! 

On a lower note I am disappointed to learn that Benefit Cosmteics sell in China. I just bought the anniversary They're Real mascara and was looking really forward to reviewing it because it is an amazing mascara but now it will have no place on my blog because of the company's stance on animal testing. They were always a company I heard mixed things about when it came to animal cruelty as they had always said "we do not test on animals but we cannot guarantee our suppliers don't" which is fair enough. But after seeing the Chinese version of their site I knew what the truth was. And will not buy anything more from them after I finish my current collection. (N.B. to sell in China you have to test on animals, so any company that does cannot be considered cruelty-free)


12 September 2012

Review: Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen

I've been a fan of winged eyeliner for years now and whilst it was almost always part of my "night-time look" it only a few months ago became part of my day time look too. Drawing on eyeliner helps make my eyes look bigger and the winged bit helps draw attention to the outer corners helping trick people into not noticing my close together eyes. 

I picked up the Soap and Glory catliner pen after Lily  mentioned she was a fan and couldn't recommend it more highly. Having been a fan of all Soap and Glory products I had tried thus far I decided to pick it up when my current one ran out. I had received an eyeliner pen in one of my old Glossybox or Boudoir Prive boxes and immediately discovered that I found it much easier to apply than liquid liner. Since then I have only ever contemplated buying pen liners because I find it much easier to work with and 'draw' a certain shape on to my eyelids. 

Applying the Soap and Glory eyeliner was just as easy as I had imagined. I needed to go over certain bits to make it as pigmented as I wished so the 'carbon black' on the packaging is a bit misleading but nothing that I would complain about. 

However the thing that does make me want to hunt out a new eyeliner was it's lack of staying power. Whilst wearing this you have to be careful not to touch your eyes at all, or cry even a bit. Whilst crying and over-rubbing your eyes in never something I'd recommend whilst wearing any eye make-up; even just trying to remove an eyelash would cause this to smudge. I also suffer hayfever in the summer so need an eyeliner that can withstand a lot. Then even if you do manage to not rub your eyes or cry you'll find that it will fade within hours. 

I hate saying I wouldn't recommend this as every other product I've tried from Soap and Glory range (mainly their skin products) I would highly recommend within a heartbeat. This is the first item from their make-up range I've tried so I don't know how their other make-up measures up, but I'm a little put off and might just stick to their body products. 


9 September 2012

In This Week

1. Stuffed pepper for dinner. 2. Vegetable stir-fry. 3. Chocolate Orange Cake. 4. Finding a BiBi's bakery in Aberdeen. 5. Re-doing my roots. 6. Posing. 7. Discover weird YouTube trends. 8. Film choice for this week. 

This past week has been a quiet one. Last Tuesday I was offered a job interview for tomorrow which requires me to prepare a presentation. Therefore the last week has been spent contemplating font choices on PowerPoint and explains why I have been quiet on the blogging front (one post, very little commenting elsewhere and being kinda quiet on social media in general). 

For some extra bulk to this post before I head off to double-check my route tomorrow I shall talk about the Orphan film (which was also in TV this week - right after I bought it). I was in HMV waiting for my mum and decided I wanted a shitty looking horror film. I already knew the basic premise for this film and being only £3 I decided it probably was ridiculous. Weirdly it turned out to be very good. Cameras were used correctly, plot revealed well and brilliantly acted (given that half the cast were children). 

Oh and the orange chocolate cake - I shall be trying a recipe that uses orange flavouring and not actual oranges next time. Don't like fruit bits in my cakes hahaha. 


5 September 2012

Review: MeMeMe Flawless Cream foundation

I picked this up at the beginning of the summer when MeMeMe did quite a spectacular Groupon offer on their products. In need of some new make-up (some of my 'essentials' had ran out) and already having been quite impressed with some of their products I decided to take up the offer. I did however do my first research into finding out if MeMeMe were a cruelty free brand. They are not BUAV approved but some Googling help secure my piece of mind that they don't test their products on animals.  

Upon first application it did strike me as very creamy. I'm not too used to cream foundation (normally liquid) so this was new for me and I did find it was easily smoothed across my face but took a while to set in. That's a plus for me as it means you don't need to be quick (I've heard the Estee Lauder Double Wear is a foundation you need to be quick with - but they're not cruelty-free so I haven't personally tried the brand). Though it does mean you need to a wait a bit before applying the next stage of make-up (which for me is concealer). I did find on a few occasions I managed to wipe it out of place while doing the rest of my make-up.

The coverage was quite sheer which, for me, is ideal as I only want my foundation to even out my skin tone but still let my freckles show through. I usually let my concealer cover the break-outs that I am very prone to.  It has light reflecting particles which for so many is great - but because my skin is oily and as a result fairly dewy anyway I certainly didn't need this quality from a foundation. I think it made me look a bit greasy.

As with all MeMeMe products I adore their packaging. Which obviously isn't the final say on whether a product is worth purchasing - but knowing it will look nice on your dresser is a plus.  The bottle is a pump that moves upwards as the foundation gets removed which I only noticed as I type this. I had originally thought the bottle was foundation coloured - and cursed the non-clear bottle on the morning of an interview for not warning me that the foundation was about to run out (it turned out to be a blocked pump!). You may not be a air-headed as me on that front, but thought I'd share that anecdote. 

Overall, I do not think this products was correct for me but that it shouldn't be ignored by others with a different skin type. I can't speak for those with dry skin but I feel it would be good for you dryer-skinned ladies. The "rich in microspheres and light-absorbent pigments" is certainly true but because my skin is oily it made me quite shiny and whilst the foundation stayed on my face for some time it did move about when I rubbed my face - which is no doubt a lot to do with my oily skin also. As stated before it also took a while to dry in - again probably caused my skin being the opposite of dry. 

Are you a cream foundation person? Have you tried this?


2 September 2012

In This Week

1. Me. 2. Caterpillar cake. 3. Carrot pancakes and home-made humours. 4. Mango and Noodle salad (for the tenth time!). 5. Mr Bean does Blind Date. 6. Fields around my village. 

How has everyone's September been so far? All two days of it.

Mine has been the usual routine of waiting back from applications/interviews, going for runs and playing chef in the kitchen. Plus, watching silly YouTube videos (if you are a Vampire Diaries fan and share my silly sense of humour you shall enjoy - if not ignore and keep reading). If I run out of clothes or beauty products I'll blog about my adventures on YouTube to fill the gaps.

The second picture on the left shows the carrot pancakes I made. Since this photo got zero Instagram likes I'll have to do some convincing on how divine they were. If you like onion badgies then there is a high chance you'll like these with the ingredients being a regular pancake mix, coriander, cumin, onion and carrot. It wasn't until I hit the fourth pancake that I realised what food I was being reminded of.

Lots and lots of Mr Bean love!