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Review: MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Facebase

Just like the MeMeMe cream foundation I reviewed a fortnight ago I picked this up with the Groupon code MeMeMe put out during the month of June. I was trying out an Avon primer (non cruelty-free) that I had been gifted that was terrible anyway, so it was a naturally fit that my next MeMeMe purchase would be their primer. 

I picked this one out simply because it was the only primer they had in the range. I had previously bought some cosmetics from their range (their gold Shimmer Stack is my go-to bronzer for contouring) and had been impressed with what you got for your money. However having only one primer in your range is a negative cause it ignores that there are various skin types out there. I personally don't need anything that adds moisture to my skin; my skin sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. But I still bought it anyway as I had liked all MeMeMe products I had tried in the past. 

Ignoring that this wasn't the correct choice for my own skin type I have very little negative to say. The description on their website claims to 'rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate skin' and I can't say that this product doesn't do that - it's just that my skin is naturally all these things anyway so I don't need to add to it. 

Also we have to touch on the smell, which I think is heavenly. It smells like something I might find in a sweet shop, but also a very clean sweet shop. When it comes to sexy smells on other people I love being able to smell their deodorant (not after-shave!!) and my all time favourite smell on a man is Head & Shoulders Shampoo, which is a non-cruelty-free shampoo before any man feels like wooing me that way lol.

The only negative I found that is that it didn't really help my make-up stay in place. Because it is moisturising it added extra oil to my skin which I felt made foundation move-around a bit and had trouble being absorbed into skin.   

Overall I would say that for oily skinned girls such as myself this product shouldn't be added to our collections and we should stick to primers that mattify our skin. I do still occasionally reach for this if my skin is looking a bit dull (which can happen in winter). I won't completely poo-poo it for the sake that it did add moisture (just moisture I don't need) and dry-skinned girls may still love this. Overall, MeMeMe still remains one of my favourite drugstore brands. 

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