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Review: MeMeMe Flawless Cream foundation

I picked this up at the beginning of the summer when MeMeMe did quite a spectacular Groupon offer on their products. In need of some new make-up (some of my 'essentials' had ran out) and already having been quite impressed with some of their products I decided to take up the offer. I did however do my first research into finding out if MeMeMe were a cruelty free brand. They are not BUAV approved but some Googling help secure my piece of mind that they don't test their products on animals.  

Upon first application it did strike me as very creamy. I'm not too used to cream foundation (normally liquid) so this was new for me and I did find it was easily smoothed across my face but took a while to set in. That's a plus for me as it means you don't need to be quick (I've heard the Estee Lauder Double Wear is a foundation you need to be quick with - but they're not cruelty-free so I haven't personally tried the brand). Though it does mean you need to a wait a bit before applying the next stage of make-up (which for me is concealer). I did find on a few occasions I managed to wipe it out of place while doing the rest of my make-up.

The coverage was quite sheer which, for me, is ideal as I only want my foundation to even out my skin tone but still let my freckles show through. I usually let my concealer cover the break-outs that I am very prone to.  It has light reflecting particles which for so many is great - but because my skin is oily and as a result fairly dewy anyway I certainly didn't need this quality from a foundation. I think it made me look a bit greasy.

As with all MeMeMe products I adore their packaging. Which obviously isn't the final say on whether a product is worth purchasing - but knowing it will look nice on your dresser is a plus.  

Overall, I do not think this product was correct for me but that it shouldn't be ignored by others with a different skin type. I can't speak for those with dry skin but I feel it would be good for you dryer-skinned ladies. The "rich in microspheres and light-absorbent pigments" is certainly true but because my skin is oily, it made me quite shiny and whilst the foundation stayed on my face for some time it did move about when I rubbed my face - which is also no doubt a lot to do with my oily skin. As stated before it also took a while to dry in - again probably because my skin is the opposite of dry. 

Are you a cream foundation person? Have you tried this?

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