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Fashion Bloggers For Your Mum

It was somewhat recently that I decided to dip into the world of the middle aged fashion blogger. Despite having been infused in the world of fashion blogging since 2009 (and blogging in general since 2005!!!) I had only kept to bloggers of my own age and those who shared the same style. 

My curiosity was initiated by shopping with my mum one day who asked for style tips (she has none of her own...sorry mum) and I realised I wasn't going to be able to help her (given that she is over 50 and is built differently from me). The other is reason is slightly awkward. I had in the past few months met someone who I had assumed to be 50 - but turned out to be 40. I never said any of my thoughts outloud (thankfully!) but the reason I had mistaken them to be older is not because they had tangled grey hair and wore slippers outside - in fact it was the opposite. They put too much effort into looking 20 that they just ended up maximising their age because they were trying to fight it. 

So that got me wondering how someone looks stylish at middle age but without looking like they're hanging onto their years as a hot twenty something? 

Enter my favourite fashion bloggers who are hot to trot at 30+. 

[Should add that I do believe that anyone should dress how they please - this is only for the advice for those who want it!]

Not Dressed as Lamb
By far my favourite I've found so far. With red locks, bright colours and a penchant for patterns I can't help but just think she's an older version of yours truly. At least I hope this is the older version of me. We'll get past the whole me hating wearing trousers thing.

November Grey
Shes' just had a baby so lots of maternity fashion too!

The Elegant Bohieman
Lifestyle blog covering fashion, beauty and even some religion!

Obviously Obsessed
I'm not entirely sure of Darby's age. She seems the younger than those listed before her but I can't say she's still a bar-hoping 21 year old. I'll just post her here and hope to not offend. :/

Bleubird Vintage
I've mentioned James's blog on here before under my blogs you might be surprised to know I read post. It's primarily a mummy blog but there's no denying that this a hot 32 year old. Who makes a pregnancy bump look good.

 Morag x
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