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Lush Dundee Re-Opening

In the past fortnight the Lush Dundee store got a bit of make-over, and Thursday they opened it up to the public. In between my two classes (you know, when I should have been printing off lecturer slides for my second class) I pondered down there (and by pondered I mean rushed) to see what had all changed.

I was greeted at the door by always-smiling lush staff with some fruit and free champagne, always a tactic that will encourage me to buy more products than usual. Admittedly I was cynical about how much you could change about a Lush store but the new design was lovely. The store has now gotten rid of the yellow/green logo and the front door now has the more elegant black and white LUSH logo. Each section of shop is now in clear areas, which it was before, but it's now clearly. I distinctly remember a member of staff (who was dressed as a banana) talking me through the 'mouth' section of the store, which was lovingly placed next to the champagne and fruit table.

Nothing was on offer this day with everything on full price, but because I had the galls to stand up to a former landlord I had some extra money come through a week earlier. I picked up a new block of caca rouge henna dye (Which I used Friday and oh my god my hair is bright!) as well as picking up some new skin care stuff. I've already loved the Cosmetic Warrior Facemask but just had to give the Cupcake one a try, purely because of the adorable name.

A little gift from the store that I knew was coming was a free canvas bag. Admittedly you needed to buy something to get this away with you. But I love it. I have to carry a lot about with me on a daily basis but for popping to the shops a canvas bag is just perfect! And it has a lemon on it. But anyone else could have picked a pineapple or a strawberry or an apple. Though it appeared there no cherries.

Also, today I have been digging through the archives of Beyond All Sorts a blog that belongs to a Lush Dundee employee. Being the usually creepy individual that I am, upon meeting Blair something told me that she was a blogger. Yes, we can sense each other. And by stalking the Lush Dundee Twitter feed I discovered she was. She hasn't updated since late last year but what's in her (small) archives is superb! So many pretty photos from her design course.
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