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Favourite Tumblr Blogs Take 2

In April of 2011 I shared my favourite Tumblr blogs. And nearly one year on I think we can assume that I've come across some just as excellent examples of successful Tumblring!

Oh and btw, it's still primarily food blogs. 

PHOODS (Photography + food = PHOODS)
Food is amazing. And you know what else is amazing? When people take great pictures of food and post it on the internet. We're not talking Instagram here folks! 

I am certainly not one of those girls that has pink everything (for example, the shed above) and firmly believe that bright pink is best left as an accent colour (unlike the shed above). However a blog dedicated to pink objects whether carpets or cupcakes still gets my vote. 

I am a foodie. Albeit a very healthy foodie. Who doesn't eat meat. So by a lot of people's standards fussy. However if you're all about feeding yourself but in a low fat, small portion kind of way that you might like healthy alternative too! 

And my diet just got fussier! No, I am not a vegan however I am fascinated by the options available to vegans and the possibilities that vegan chefs come up with! 

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. A lot of my favourite foods are traditionally breakfast foods. Cereal before bed? Yes please. Toast at various times throughout the day? Give me some of that. 

Bread Love
With breakfast foods being right up my taste bud's alley it's no surprise to find out that I count bread as one of my favourite foods. Doughnuts, poptarts and croissants = love. 

A nice blog that  take people's wishes for this year and puts them together with uplifting photos and nice fonts. Spent ages looking through the posts when I found this on New Year. (Yes, my New Year Eve was spent on Tumblr). 

Again another goal setting Tumblr. Admittedly a lot of these goals were clearly made my high school students (who are also American!) but discussing plans and goals is one of my favourite pastimes (really!). 

Morag x

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