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July Linkables

I would ask if everyone has been enjoying the hot weather we've been having in Scotland. But because I'm me (me being a killjoy) I'm going to draw your attention to global warming. Like this is not good people. And now we're expecting a storm. A storm and a heatwave within a week of each other? The planet is dying.

Anyway, links.

Sex & Relationships

Something I've wondered a few times: when in a new relationship do you bring up past traumas?

Co-signed: moving on doesn't always mean finding a new relationship

Social Justice, Equality, & Politics 

If Brexit wasn't humiliating enough, here's Boris Johnson's take on it.

In case you weren't aware: I'm a member of the Scottish Greens and their new fox-hunting bill is one of the many reasons why.

Stonewall shares the Truth About Trans.

How to actually engage in ethical tourism (hint: it doesn't involve elephant sanctuaries).

Black women are angry - and they have every right to be!

Homophobia isn't dead: we are young, gay - and looking over our shoulders.

If your precious union of the UK means anything real then start giving a shit about Northern Ireland and the politically-sensitive border. This article is amazing, even if it makes me angry.

A reminder that recycling doesn't do that much environmental good.

Selling mindfulness as a product is dirty capitalism.

Articles I wish I had written: Moby's treatment of Natalie Portman is a masterclass in nice-guy misogyny.

A reminder that biological sex is not binary and you shouldn't use it to justify transphobia.

The Guardian published an article asking male feminist allies to start cleaning around the house. And while I think there is a lot more to supporting women, I'd say that sharing domestic duties is a fucking good start!

Surprise, surprise: Dunes at Trump's golf course due to lose protected status (I grew up near here).

Not sure why there are protests in Hawaii? Here's a foundational explanation.

Woke-ness is such a big thing now that even brands are getting in on it. Oliver Franklin-Wallis looks at why.

Geek & Pop Culture

Part of me loves this, but part of me hates that it has to be said too: Why Bend it Like Beckham is still a huge Deal 15 Years Later.

Food & Veganism

Stop the press: Tesco is launching a vegan Christmas range!

Must read: diet culture is toxic - even for those of us who don't diet!

Why every metal and hardcore fan should consider going vegan.

4 ingredients vegan Parmesan cheese.


Things that shouldn't need to be explained.

What have you been reading online this month? 
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