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The Linkables

A proper catch-up is probably in order before I start this post. Since my last Linkables I have changed flatmates and left my bar job, which are two major changes in my life. Both are for the better and even though I'm going to miss my bar job, I was exhausted and couldn't keep up the night shifts on top of my 'main' job. Everything is going well in my main job and it's time I concentrated fully on it. It also means I have a bit more time to focus on my blog and reviews for the Big Glasgow Comic Page, as both had been getting a bit neglected. 

Big changes, but hopefully two very positive changes. I also had planned to put this months links into groups as I usually do, but most of them are pop culture based this month. Nerds unite! 

Remember that time The Shimmy Club had two-way mirrors between the bathrooms? There's going to be a play based on at The Fringe

Christy wrote the perfect blog post as to why she's giving up clean eating.   

Seen the latest Suicide Squad trailers? I'm sure you've noticed just how much screen time Harley Quinn is getting (it's a lot more than her fellow female superheroes). 

The amazing Gemima wrote a really heartfelt piece on her struggles with anxiety and depression, and how it's effected her blog. 

Another fantastic human, Dani, filmed a vlog about her autism

A Tinder for female friendships? I wouldn't say no. 

Helen has a fantastic outfit (as usual) but also a few even for Dundee based babes

Remember I used to live in Dundee and after I moved took regular trips back? Lauren took her first trip through and has positive things to say (and even ate at one of my favourite places). 

A bar cart is something I'm beginning to think my flat needs, so naturally I loved Kate's video on hers

Bar Soba is one of my favourite places in Glasgow, and I'm not the only blogger who agrees

I'm getting a bit bored of my hair, and rose gold is a look I'm seriously considering

If you're in Edinburgh or Glasgow you might just see some production crews filming for Trainspotting

I've worked with quite a few brands now and like to feel I have it down, but even Amber's blog taught me quite a lot

Pick your house plants by how much air they filter. This is according NASA, don't you know

Who is Game of Thrones main character? Maths has the answer

If you can, you know, afford high-end fashion: Armani have went fur-free

Like me, Cat is pretty new to reading comics and I agree with her attitude to them

I can write for days, but ask me to speak all day? Get out of here. When Communication Isn't Your Forte

Did you fall for any of these April Fools jokes from brands

I've only ever used AiBnB once, but I agree with these 15 tips for being a great Couchsurfing guest (I actually have a spare room where friends stay a lot, and these are great tips for even staying at a friends house). 

I've not long finished watching Jessica Jones and reckon it's one of the best TV shows I've watched in a long time. Here's 12 great things about it

I didn't quite get into Once Upon a Time but feel I should give it another chance now they've introduced their first LGBT couple

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