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11 April 2016

Recent vegan skincare round-up

Vegan skincare

If there's a type of beauty product that I've tried almost everything of, it's skincare. I have naturally blotchy skin that requires quite a bit of TLC to keep it in its place. You'd think with as much skincare as I've tried over the years I'd purchased it all by now. Nope, there's still plenty of new finds for me to pop into my shopping basket. 

Because I buy so much skincare it's probably easier if I do little round-ups with mini-reviews and leave full reviews of one product for times where I have a lot to say. So here's four skincare purchases I made recently and my thoughts on them. 

I did like this, I really did. It was soothing on the skin, it calmed down my redness and my skin felt cleansed but soft afterwards. However, it is £30 and I'm just not okay parting with that kind of money unless absolute miracles happen. My favourite facemask of all time is Lush Cupcake with is much cheaper and is pretty much the same standard of quality. If none of the Lush facemasks do something for you and you've ran out of other high street options I'd say give this a try but if you've got a budget version that works for you stick with it. 

I know tea tree is hailed as a saviour for spotty skin, however me and tea tree have never quite got along. I found this in Tesco while visiting my parents in Aberdeenshire and thought I'd give it a try. It made my spots worse but that's maybe just my skin. 

I've said before (numerous times) that I really dislike the make-up offerings from B.Cosmetics but love the products that take off make-up. I've previously reviewed their 4-in-1 wipes and micellar water highly, so thought Id' give their cleanser a try. I do like this product and it does remove make-up (including mascara and eye-liner without stinging the eyes) but it still ranks behind the the wipes and water. 

Pacifica is a brand that gets raved about a lot in vegan circles. While I love their perfumes I've never been too keen on their make-up range and this was my first skincare purchase from the brand. I'll be honest: I didn't really like this. While the descriptions on the bottle sound lovely and it smelt gorgeous, I didn't see any changes to my skin. I'll continue to use this on days where my skin isn't looking too troublesome but I doubt I'll re-purchase once the bottle is finished. 

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  1. Thanks for the tips - my cleanser is almost finished now so might try the B.Clean one as it's pretty cheap as well!

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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