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A tardis selling vegan soup? Brew Box Coffee Company in Glasgow

Credit: Brew Box Coffee Company

Glasgow is a pretty amazing place. 

It's one of the most vegan friendly cities in the UK, and a place where you can spot blue tardis-style phone boxes on several streets (there's five in total). These are just two of the reasons why Glasgow can snuff out the cosmopolitan competition. Now, imagine these two things came together. 

That's what Brew Box Coffee Company is. A small vegan-friendly take-away operating out the back of a tardis

Situated on Wilson Street in Merchant City and about a 15 minute walk from my office, it was no surprise that this place shot to the top of my 'must-stop-by-for-lunch' list. I'll be honest, I thought it was a bit gimmicky when I first heard about it, and I ignorantly assumed that something sold out the back of the tardis couldn't compete with the restaurant offerings of Glasgow. 

Internet, I hang my head in shame. The first time I stopped by, the hot vegan offering of the day was Sri Lankan soup and it was the best thing I had eaten in ages. And this is coming from someone who generally wouldn't consider themselves a soup person. I'm not sure what the actual make up of the soup was but it was sprinkled on top with peanut, chillies and coriander - and #girlboss Laura asks what toppings you'd like so if you're not into hot stuff you can leave out the chillies. 

Speaking of Laura, this is a one-women show. Laura cooks everything offsite herself and brings it in for opening at 8:45am and is there until 4pm. She also has some excellent chat and gets to know her customers - I've become a bit of a regular at the tardis and enjoy a good chinwag about my day at the office (there's a few other places I regular at for lunch where I've not been asked where I work let alone what I'm currently working on). She is passionate about health and the environment, and aims to make this a zero-waste business - you'll even get a biodegradable wooden spoon with your soup.

My own photo of the Sri Lankan soup. 

The menu changes up regularly (and she only makes enough for each day), with a hot option, some sandwiches and the occasional brownie. Gluten-free consumers are also catered to as well as vegans. Keep an eye on the Instagram and Facebook to keep up to-date with the rotating menu and pre-order if like me you've got a bit of a walk between your office and the tardis. When I'm in the mood for something quick, easy and cheap it's where I head at 1pm. 

Speaking of cheap, it's very budget friendly. With less running costs than a traditional café Laura can sell her soups for £3. Good to the bank balance, vegan-friendly, tasty, centrally-situated and incorporates a much-loved pop culture icon? Despite being small in size I can imagine this tardis becoming a big player in the Glasgow foodie scene. 

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